Joe Biden’s journey to the White House

First elected to the Senate in 1972, the Democrat from Delaware has served in public office for almost 50 years.
5:01 | 01/20/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joe Biden’s journey to the White House
Well Joseph Biden for nearly fifty years as health office of the highest levels of government he's been driven in his public service in large pipe part by his own private pain. He's experienced loss that he says is given him a sense of purpose and duty to build a better America. Here now I BC's Richard Scott. The when bite in this morning and into the highest office in a deeply divided nation he will be faced with the daunting task of healing our country. They're making progress. We have to stop treating your opponents as a enemies and oh yeah our enemies there Americans. They're Americans. Democratic congressman Jim Cliburn says he's the right person for the job. Easier it is as previously widows. And dressed as little go to Dubai blue demonstrate human. They have reserves. As a terror. Driven to the White House. Usual practice wouldn't choose. Leading but I precept and example. When the election was rejected for president elect Joseph Biden it was 48 years to the day that he won his first senate race. This is the time you're there on America. His road to the White House still would decades of public service. Marked by delays setbacks and personal tragedy but Biden has embraced struggled all his life. My dad used to say the measure success is not where to get knockdowns are quickly get out. More November 20 1942. In Scranton Pennsylvania. He was teased in grade school for a Sadr ice to stutter badly. When you stutter badly you're really humiliated. And people make fun of you the self described scrappy kid from Scranton had big dreams of one day becoming president. First stepping on to the national stage at just 29 years old running for US senate. Then he was bolt the newcomer and an underdog. We have a protection Joseph Biden. 29 years of aid to Democrats according to our ABC decision desk has people. One of the youngest senators ever elected would go want to serve in the chamber for a 36 years but just as he was starting his political career tragedy. His wife and infant daughter killed in a car crash. These two young sons beau and hunter badly injured but he was sworn in as at their hospital bedside and it should help you god I do. Biden would remarry meeting his second wind chill on a blind date in 1975. The couple welcomed daughter Ashley in 1981. I'm Joe's. He did it. Throughout their love and tireless support. Of Jill. Bad childhood dream of one day becoming president came to a halt twice first in 1987 after a plagiarism scandal and again in 2007. He didn't get to the White House serving a vice presidents and Barack Obama. I'll support and defend the constitution the United States. And three decades after his first bid he ran again during the battle for the soul in this nation that rallying cry became a cornerstone of his campaign. Fighting to push forward even after suffering losses in Iowa New Hampshire and Nevada. If your campaign Bible how do you make the case that you're the most electable candidate to his room. The turning point South Carolina. And that endorsement from congressman Jim Cliburn Biden was Al find raised he was outspent. You can men and your endorsement changed everything. Rose to create a search and see if it will work in South Carolina and a girl crossed south. It didn't work long by ten points and the justice history. As the nominee coming under fire for comments like feeling if you have problems triggered Howard here for mayor trump. You a black actor contentious debates and a campaign sidelined by a raging pandemic. Americans waited days for election results. As word of the Biden here's victory spread supporters across the country celebrated in the streets. The day after declaring victory Biden visited his son goes grave site. Amy and it was Biden's home state of Pennsylvania had pushed him over the edge. Out here are. On Election Day he wrote this message on his childhood home from this house to the white house with the grace of god. Moral and we were Shuster. Only way this country works is that we're worried Rick circles to persons. Each other. Those differences right now putting Americans at odds so can Joseph Biden. In Washington Rachel Scott ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"First elected to the Senate in 1972, the Democrat from Delaware has served in public office for almost 50 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75360995","title":"Joe Biden’s journey to the White House","url":"/US/video/joe-bidens-journey-white-house-75360995"}