John Cena, Derek Hough Take Us Inside Wheelchair Rugby at the Invictus Games

ABC News' Erica Scott reports from ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida.
16:14 | 05/11/16

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Transcript for John Cena, Derek Hough Take Us Inside Wheelchair Rugby at the Invictus Games
Hi guys are here in Orlando at the infected gains for the wheelchair rugby match the celebrity. Matches on tonight. And the coach of the Land Rover team right down there thank you very much what was your experience of F jaguar and of course and rover. This is our practice session. Athletes right now some very new and Courtney chair and some experience and leisure suit. Is this the first time all together yeah so right now is kind of a warm up Microsoft scrimmage and the national right. Is this your first time getting to coach all of them here on time not only first and in what your room. First time up close and personal. I've seen have studied it to view of this media athletes beaten on the court. In person this spectacular. Do you have team favorites so far as somebody shining extra rent. He'll policy right now it's just ibizan Seton people get acclimated with the cheers were an election for the coach David because he's having communicable down everything. It's unbelievable human strategy were just setting our defense operate knows what's crazy restaurant closed. The year coaching Alter I'd imagine for the first time. And how you use your experience that you need to translate into that sport honestly. And its creeks talk to experienced athletes as well. Your team picked its games now in for 500 athletes from fifteen countries. And I think not only with wheelchair rugby basketball volleyball power with. Swimming it is intense individuals driven by the sense of competition and with dean Vick to schemes doesn't give them a chance he. And that is what we do with the WB a daily basis we go from city to city. And and bring that energy and bring that excitement and for these veterans to chance for them to sit right here. Crowd rate setting it truly is one. Absolutely it's been incredible watch the last few days intensity on the field in the pool on the track what is it you do with competitors to rate I'll let them. To come out to be able to complete its work to be able to be on the seems to music it truly is a wonderful thing for Terry it stands. So this is a chair mats but is there any revelry going on side of the US weekend they have played against each other before and the competitors over their own team jaguar no loss over here anti Land Rover so. You know everywhere you say friendly competition. That exists only to a point it's you can hear some fixes back I think what's we start the scrimmage it'll. It would be very competitive. It's intense these wheelchairs are heavy duty heavy duty and disciplined or contact there's a certain defensive cheer there's a certain offensive cheer the often teachers meant to cut through the line. The defense in the cheers meant to hold the line so. I'm learning about all of this but it truly is fascinating and these athletes are not afraid to get in and hit which is what the sport is all about absolutely and. Is there any thing that you've taken from this is this your first time coaching them so that you know tonight. You want to give them an extra pep talk but he gonna tell them we'll you know what I think sport aside. What do particularly from the schemes. Jaguars led to witness. It's like this at taking people alive to compete with competition today. And giving them that platform to compete and that is what's most here. When I get to talk to my team before it to court. It's basically thank you for thank you. We'll be involved in this it's it's it's a great day that gains rate according looking forward to next year's Toronto went really honest. Taken aback by Elvis that it is my pleasure to be. Absolutely as well and so you're committed to next it and hope so that's going to be object worldly and over of course in victories it's when a news wouldn't you know what. To me right now I'd been friendly scrimmage analysts it's about winning and losing. As we're gonna win. That is if we don't it's not about winning or losing but couldn't read into orbit it's it's but it's a bushel it's obviously these games. Showing up I hear that tonight you are going to be picking up a military family and killed barring. Secret others of minimally in the confluence of Orlando. Getting a ride to the games tonight and it's just that it's actually very excited it's another. The special ways the jaguar Land Rover that its games. He backed out it's a nice surprise. Few athletes and fans not expecting it. Hope Ludwig either want these ultra pricey but no it's it's it's with the. I'll track to let the cat out of the bag on that one. Think a top secret thank you John. As we speak with one of your athletes I think Derek was around. There's just in one of the chairs right now bill would think rentals and I'm sure does want on the court and we didn't. I think oddly though. I'm not gonna go on the court because I don't just fittingly our. Hi guys. IA. Philip dot ultimately what you heard. Yeah. It ruins rugby today wheelchair rugby. More than any to play defense. By management defenders here. On the offense. A good reference point where's start it was a setup is on the top of the key. So I want you right on top of that you. It reminds me so you want the bullet and bought in front you. Felt like a thing. We're really Clinton did do it. It was with the human surprised when. Well obviously and I'm taking this thing and it wasn't going to be that the killer was in the letting it. While it's been fairly for the coming up exhausted after five minutes. That's so it's so physical itself is such a context where. And if senate so fast six a fast paced. And and it exists meaning that it's been expensive. Question would you most it was the most surprising. It where has it parties when he yeah. We're out out of hand when he and nine. A a we've been waiting most. I mean for me anything. With the that the deal. Entire game for so incredible song about finding and it's it's this is finally Eisen. You know that though pulled slogan of the entire and so right on because you know. Everything turns their destiny in Allen and these guys. Who have served their country support for our country and you know our our. Utilize their own hands increasingly amazing in and an incredible athletes incredible athletes having options to meet the rugged mountainous. This is and it's amazing it's just. I think in the. In the same question doesn't have to be about you know. Were you ticket windows. She needs Hitler fighters speed figure out. Everything it needs you just incredible you know overcome what they are content to eat out nearing the end justice entity kicking butt and enjoying themselves from working. Parts Dylan and having a sense of just. Mellish. It's just amazing it if they really it warms my heart rate. Eric and I have a foundation for military expert when it veterans coming months of this news at home this is where we wannabes right on its sneezing. Ellis Island of the sensitive. Competition but it's like. But it's showing up to. In and gives you license to see you wanna you wanna thank you went in the began that's insane time but they also it's camaraderie with everybody everybody's doing through all of that intensity on contact yes I was watching events and down. That is in this for the event and facility in last place and you know it's a little longer but. The cheers louder and yours are more than that low energy independence arena was even mores look and Italy it's the competition with certain symptoms. The purpose perhaps games absent. There's a degree of skill set among a group here and it is that's something Atlantic coast when you re signing him rules offenders offenders. He Dickinson considering that he. I am just here for moral support this as. Coach. I aidid and urgency immediately when choosing Susan Richard sheer excellence Scotland. You look at a person what would decides office. The signs. Often do of defense defense of bigger and fitness. Jesse in this kicking chair she can only. You would architecture. And I comment from its afternoon. Fair enough and I turn up on the record I'm talking with my children how do you do don't talk about how. About it when actually him going with the size you know his clothes you know I think he did here at that immediately Bill Clinton gets injured chairmanship that's. Part. Yeah. And it hit me was I think breathless you your money. I'm not gonna knock them myself and he puts our C org. Thanks so much so in theory and then went looking aren't watching tonight. And I think I do look amazing created. Let's pentagon and think John. Levenson. All right let's unlike. A and other right in the middle of their practice. Obviously we don't need you feel lucky that he's got going on this is. When the first time that they're all playing together but for now it looks like and I hoddle maybe we can wait until. Send a discussion ends and then. We can be. And all right guys I want now once. Look at packaging it offensively. In those issues so are you going to be playing tonight ain't just sit on the side to watch turner I'm on the side lot of will be with the Biden's actually and they come to Washington. Guy. Lucky I didn't. How are you contributing to. Well I'm I'm here when I got invited to condemn these events are excited about it as. I just because an injured better and that I've seen. How well things sports. News for veterans and abilities and the like America we're constantly behind the rest of the world accounts and are incredibly sports story and that these. These aren't just people to do in the sport these are Athens real athletes competing push themselves. That's how they earned a spot here in the in victors and so. I got the call to be heroes here Exxon reported jumped at the opportunity what's the most impressive thing you've seen so far at practice in the last thirty minutes. On ice impressed at the celebrities that are out here Derek Hough who I know and as of the stars is really pushed himself he's not just a good day history apparently does pretty it was terribly. I mean they look like professionals out there although not to be confused with the real professionals these guys that have actually been competing. Best of me and Johnson were talking about respond to watch this but tonight and we watched the real Gaza do it. The Soviet is so this is brutal. Alex I've said it. Repeatedly it's so impressive especially like the intensity when they knock against each other neat it's painful. Yeah it is obvious is a dangerous sport I mean even though you know it's considered disabled sport. You can become disabled scored. So wise words of cautioned 82 Jack I doubt they'll yeah I wouldn't want to be out there. So I asked on the same question he friendly rivalry going on although I know its charitable event. Yeah no I mean this is obviously a better team over here. I'd even looked over there I don't think there's an importance. What they're do not think they're just having a good time. I think that's adorable but yeah this these guys are taken as tears on this is it durable. Salad. Thank you so much really excited to watch tonight and being able to see the practice. Deadly imitates that this is not not a joke this is barrier and it looked intent no. Snow. Thank you. Thanks so much guys so we're in it cut off now but. I did tonight to see what happens in the real game and best of luck to all and evidence.

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{"duration":"16:14","description":"ABC News' Erica Scott reports from ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"39039009","title":"John Cena, Derek Hough Take Us Inside Wheelchair Rugby at the Invictus Games","url":"/US/video/john-cena-derek-hough-us-inside-wheelchair-rugby-39039009"}