John Glenn's Orbital Flight: Feb. 20, 1962

ABC's Jules Bergman and Bill Shadel cover the historic event in space travel.
9:48 | 02/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John Glenn's Orbital Flight: Feb. 20, 1962
And here -- filed a grand stepping out now. -- -- -- -- Portable air flow from moved up to write German back -- -- moved from -- around the front of the truck on launch pad fourteen. Moving along police superstructure of the power. Smiling and waving his hand for a moment and we'll work for America and picking hands for a moment. And I'll stepping into the elevator followed by doctor bell reported infected commitment -- astronaut deep quake. The elevators billboards -- the first level all the doors pulled from the elevated now but I would spend a lot of them that. In Siberia. Eleven -- white room. Astronaut Glenn stepped in and is I don't know my arm mark couple moved workmen on the eleventh affect scored -- America. White mob of white cap and now Graham walked up the huge theft and is removing the god. -- -- the overthrew which guards to protect -- issues and keep them free averted possible. Momentarily. They're all now on put them right and left foot and then moved in. Reform of the equality through -- -- holding our bullpen for a moment well number one hand on a whole bar of all the relatively small -- what. Thank you to weigh very carefully. Into the capital into the food -- from being held. Via the food technician Joseph -- -- -- Tucker. Okay. -- T minus ten seconds and counting. 876. 54321. -- ignition. Let's stop. And basic vehicle broke it up. They have basic vehicle. Bacteria. Okay. -- -- there -- always have a very good point perfect launch date perfect both burns and -- perfect -- banner engine burn out astronaut John Glenn of -- certainly going to be in orbit going to be our first round -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And here's the big map -- which we're gonna followed John -- the best we can Bermuda that tracking station importantly outlined by jewels Bergman right here. -- capital in this vicinity the next second point to be of the -- out here in mid Atlantic. All -- well. Pavkovic ship the next stop the going to be here at grand canary island that across the continent of Africa -- not a this thought that system is that illustrate the first far. This will be his second orbit here. -- bill will be the third orbit if they decide that he has time for all three are let go back to Cape Canaveral now and -- part. And I feel they have always been a feeling of pride and a -- of -- a feeling of achievement here in Cape Canaveral worth. What seems to be almost certainly our first man -- -- little. Why. And a few seconds from our gonna -- actual voice -- colonel John Glenn during take off from the friendship seven Mercury spacecraft. We're gonna get that report direct from our ABC take better right now. Either -- -- okay and I feel fine capitalist running around. Bad news -- the commander. I didn't turn -- has died -- Apple turning around and I could they have put their building got a couple of hundred yards behind the it was beautiful. The right here. -- -- have they go red -- that was nor did I do understand -- -- -- -- -- And diplomatic activity -- backup thick -- I don't know playback of probability escape. Beautiful. I -- -- coming up again for all -- -- Pacific minute -- -- -- -- about god what are popular take a second ago. I start missing we're not a very spaceflight program after years of waiting and months of delay. Colonel John Glenn we -- -- Of the earth are not -- his star. And -- -- we might. -- -- -- -- Germanys are planned work landed here up at a point. And threw -- in orbit terminated -- -- our project Mercury. -- -- -- -- -- sort of flies may lead to changes in our space flight program what may happen now. Because for the present for the fly them all -- -- human of the flight had been categorical in late December. Because of the delay and the flight because -- -- -- I don't -- Fillmore. Free orbit missions and improved bid directly related in orbit mission. Glad for the first time would carry out with a on the bright and have been from the Soviet Union breakfast we'll with Soviet cosmonaut commander -- government -- or. -- -- And -- helicopter include beef with the fire crews believe. Apple where want food for all our audience there. Animated -- what will be happening out there. Okay related death of the helicopters hovering over the apple. Is going I think that would have -- -- about -- -- From. But -- -- particular. -- Animated. Helicopter. Hovered over the past so. We'll -- -- dropping a line. Filled with apple. We'll being on with apple. -- -- We'll probably find me the helicopter. -- Cape Canaveral -- feeling of violation of feeling of satisfaction in the first step. There are manned space flight program has been -- But the central -- not a small amount used -- but a very substantial 11 that bodes well for the planning of our program in the big. Here. And here at Cape Canaveral worth seeing another kind of picture there. You're looking at them back heroes were not only -- the -- in the darkness of the night before the dawn. Colonel John Glenn left for the transfer and what appears to be a Miller Mercury based tabloid isn't being the -- -- -- Mercury based capital. As in reality a giant hate filled celebration -- and we'll tell you more about that later but first back to go to -- and they are. Very frankly we're waiting here at ABC -- had orders so that we could switch from here to any point. Of particular interest at the moment. At any point -- we have the ABC cameras or reporters he saw -- Concord Ohio. Our reporter difficult standing by at Arlington Virginia. -- -- -- colonel -- in cases we expect that the plan will make an apparent -- for the first time today Washington DC the White House. The president of the United States. We'll talk about. But there's got to be standing in the doorway -- online -- them. -- the reporter -- here supporters have -- reporting faithfully here. -- -- I know that. I spread the great. Happiness and Thanksgiving of all of us that. Glenn has completed his. Trip and I know that this is -- particularly felt by mrs. Glenn and his two children. He -- to go colonel -- Came to the White House and visited me. And he laws. As are the other astronauts. Kind of American. We are most proud. -- some years ago as a marine pilot. -- the sun. Across this country and law. And the gay. He won. I also wanna let's say a word for all those who participated. With kind of -- Canaveral they face many disappointments and delays. The burdens upon them were great. But they if there had been made a judgment. And I think -- judgment been vindicated. We have a long way to go in the -- rate we started late. But it is the new -- And I believe the United States -- on -- And be an eighth the day in second to none. And years months ago I said that I hope that every American. Would good serve his country. Today -- colonel Glen there appears. And we all express our thanks to him.

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{"duration":"9:48","description":"ABC's Jules Bergman and Bill Shadel cover the historic event in space travel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15639289","title":"John Glenn's Orbital Flight: Feb. 20, 1962","url":"/US/video/john-glenns-orbital-flight-february-20-1962-15639289"}