Jose Pimentel: Terror Suspect Arrested

How did authorities track and prevent a potential bombing?
4:55 | 11/21/11

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Transcript for Jose Pimentel: Terror Suspect Arrested
Experts call him a text book terror suspect 47 year old -- Tim -- Born in the Dominican Republic raised in Manhattan accused of using al-Qaeda propaganda to build bombs targeting US government employees. We have two reporters covering this developing story we began with -- lead at federal court in lower Manhattan where an arraignment just wrapped up -- in the -- cigarette that are Raymond wrapped up about. When he minutes -- and I can tell you the suspect. Was pretty -- in court considering the charges that he now faces investigators claim that they have hours of audio and video of him. Plotting against his target. And that it within the last ten weeks or so they say he put that plan into high gear. 47 year old hall -- Mandela accused of building the -- And plotting a terrorist act he faced a judge for his arraignment in criminal court late Sunday night. The mayor police commissioner and district attorney showed. Just what could have happened. Then police commissioner Ray Kelly showed a model of the pipe bombs saying we'll save human cell -- bomb making materials. I Begin to build them into this. Kelly says -- 27 year old drilled into place prepare nails for shrapnel and had wires to ignite the bomb. The suspect was a so called the lone -- Motivated by his own resentment of the presence of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. As well as inspired by al-Qaeda propaganda. -- and -- under surveillance forty year authorities say the Hamilton heights man planned to detonate a bomb his targets. Government workers returning military personnel and elected official. He made even some of his like minded friends nervous. By his extremism. Prosecutors contend -- Intel maintained a web -- true is long dot com with one link entitled make a bomb in the kitchen of your home. The US citizen and native of the Dominican Republic faces felony charges that include. Criminal possession of a -- -- as a crime of terrorism. And the lawyer representing him -- -- says that his client was not trying to hide any of this that he actually put it out -- for the public putting it on. A web -- still the judge decided that his next court appearance is November 25. And the suspect is being held. Without bail reporting live in -- -- in -- -- you know lead channel seven Eyewitness News. -- generally in the background Jose payments -- slowly emerging tonight you heard the mayor and others describe him as a loner he lived with his family in the Hamilton heights section of Manhattan and that's -- Eyewitness News reporter Lucy Yang continues our coverage -- Well until residents -- hosted them -- -- was a familiar face on this blog but tonight his family is feeling like. They never really knew him his arrest and the charges coming as a complete surprise to them. The looted appear not. Luis Severino told us Jose -- -- is his sister's son and lived with him here on blessed a 137 street in Hamilton heights. All the same this 63 year old uncle says he had no idea what his nephew was doing inside his bedroom which she always kept. Blocks now he's only end when asked about his young nephew allegedly growing had to be an angry terrorist several Reno says Jose kept all thoughts of outside it to himself. Uncle -- -- -- -- was arrested on the streets Saturday the police later coming to the apartment confiscating evidence. Residents described Jose as a loner in the neighborhood. We're told he would hang out on the corner of a 137. And broadly bombings cigarettes keeping to himself. No one suspected any such terror plot brewing in the mind of one. This is the fourteenth attempted attack against New York. There -- bombs will -- many people. An Intel was born in the Dominican Republic came to the US when he was eight and is now a US citizen unemployed and apparently far. From patriotic bunch socket of -- that kids. On the -- -- thing we need to worry about it how come someone who is making home here getting. Now -- an Intel was only seen smoking on the street corner behind me because we're told he was not allowed to smoke. Inside the family apartment. Not allowed to light of the cigarette inside but according to police. -- free -- to build bombs in his bedroom. We're live in Hamilton heights tonight Lucy Yang channel seven Eyewitness News. Lucy thank you -- -- lawyer spoke just moments ago outside the courthouse here is what he had to say. I do think that there are probably people out there who were plotting attacks that are. That are very detailed and specific and I am not sure that this approach is going to lead. -- of them catching those cells.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"How did authorities track and prevent a potential bombing?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14995544","title":"Jose Pimentel: Terror Suspect Arrested","url":"/US/video/jose-pimentel-terror-suspect-arrested-authorities-track-prevent-potential-bombing-nyc-us-14995544"}