Bieber Doll Involved in Assault Case

Colorado police officer claims his girlfriend attacked him with dolls.
2:11 | 03/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bieber Doll Involved in Assault Case
It all apparently went down inside this Adams county home a struggle a bathroom door kicked him -- Justin Bieber -- flying across the room someone. Coming hollering and screaming -- seen. That's how the alleged victim describes part of the domestic dispute the suspect. Her boyfriend at that time Denver police officer Sargent Michael -- won its. In the search warrant obtained by 7 NEWS the girlfriend says. Michael was very mad at this point and ripped the top half of the door off the hinges. She says -- hit her with a portion of the door she had enough on her head. And was hit in the stomach causing kidney pain. -- -- -- claims he was the victim he says his girlfriend assaulted him with an assortment of dolls including -- Justin Bieber doll. The report says Michael -- -- is pointed out a Justin Bieber doll which was the item used to injure him. And says his girlfriend had thrown a Barbie doll at him which Bruce display. And that hurt doctor Joseph -- -- -- is former cop and now a professor of criminal justice at metro state. According to court records the victim recorded video of via cell inside the home with her cell phone which Sandra -- says is in new phenomenon. Ten years ago we wouldn't be having this discussion. Perhaps maybe even five years ago he says technology allows history to be recorded more accurately. Tremendous amount of accuracy is -- good evidence was certainly it's good evidence if in fact that kind of evidence is admissible. And generally it will be admissible. -- was in court here in Adams county this past week and is now due back in corps on that domestic violence charge in May. We found this is not the first time new -- -- has been on both sides of the law. In 2007 he was accused of assaulting an innocent man walking home from playing chess. The man settled with the city for 75000. Dollars and in 2003. New wanna -- admitted to taking a lewd photo. Of a woman who was arrested for prostitution. Russell hate -- 7 NEWS.

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{"id":15903157,"title":"Bieber Doll Involved in Assault Case","duration":"2:11","description":"Colorado police officer claims his girlfriend attacked him with dolls.","url":"/US/video/justin-bieber-doll-involved-in-assault-case-15903157","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}