R. Kelly out of jail

The embattled singer is out on bond after three nights behind bars.
4:56 | 02/26/19

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Transcript for R. Kelly out of jail
Now we're gonna head over to Chicago or ABC's Lindsay Davis has been following all the latest developments with the of aggravated sexual assault windy I want this scene after he left prison after he left jail yesterday. Hey wanna well again he was hounded dogs by a mob of reporters asking questions making it difficult for him to walk down that runway once again emerging from the jail the same blue puffy jacket we saw him go into. When he turned himself in on Friday. And then his first stop backer got into that big black band he went to the golden arches for dinner at Mickey d.'s. Didn't just pick up the foods or take out or anything he then sat inside the restaurant. With a few accomplices as he. 88 is meal and then according to attorney. Michael other knotty who represents. At least two of the victims are says it represents at least two of the victims in this case against art Kelly. Michael Lovett on its weeded that he then proceeded to take pictures with underage young people now why this is significant and the point on an ID. Made in his tweet. Was that based on the conditions of his bond agreement he is not contact not only with the the alleged victims in the case but also with. People who are under the age of eighteen so all the not it was implicating that perhaps he has violated the conditions. Of his bail that still yet to be determined out last night. We also had the opportunity this sit down with Kerry Kelly is the younger brother. He admits that there's been a strange for several years. He says because. Made his brother which she also mentioned in the surviving. Offered him money to say that it was him. Kerry Kelly who appeared. In that alleged sex tape that emerged. Which is why. 2008. So if you take a listen to what his brother had to say police says he believes the Allegheny allegations against. It's demonic which. And that's what they've not seen and Robert is is it's like the doubtful. He's like the Dell. It needs and you can sit up there and do the things that he's accused of do we. And in treat people that way and you sleep good didn't I didn't go back in the studio what you make another Hayden and U you know the people was gonna gravitate to there. So we overlook what you do. A go get help. That's a problem yet he's sick almost like a person this. This old to a hoax law person did he go to pass an addiction. Now on March 6. 160000. Dollars and goes in back. Child support payment. And according to court documents and he doesn't make those payments he could be heading back to jail he's also due back in criminal court. On March 22 if convicted he faces up to as many as seventy years both. I'm Bard's line. Now Linda I think it over and the fact and that's his own brother talking and it saying that its demonic and it's like an illness and addiction for him. And and him going even to that McDonald's taking photos with with underage people. There's some significance actually even in that makes Donald can you tell us about that and he also. I'd tell us its flaky almost like he's he's. Kind of heating. Prosecutors. Right now with with these actions. It we have not seen the pictures that on an audience talking about in so who's to say if these women. Or young girls were potentially. Under the age of eighteen and that's yet to be determined I guess it also between sleep. How do you define spending timely if somebody asks him to take a picture. Is he prohibited do that is he allowed to do better it is violation of the bail agreement and again yes with the brother. A lot of history between the two of them be you used to work for him. First for multiple years he claims that he's helped. Me inappropriate conduct. With his allies involving his brother in soda I guess perhaps explains that might explain. Why he says Ann and shared this the feelings that he did. With us some other interesting information. Apparently the 100000. Dollars. That was posted by a friend of Kelly is 47 year old woman who lives in the suburbs of Chicago. Who wrote on the bond slipped. That she is differences certainly. More to come on on that latest development. Thing I think thank you Lindsey.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"The embattled singer is out on bond after three nights behind bars. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61329168","title":"R. Kelly out of jail ","url":"/US/video/kelly-jail-61329168"}