Kentucky Pilot accused of murder pleads not guilty

Christian Martin pleaded not guilty to the 2015 triple homicide of his neighbors.
1:03 | 05/22/19

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Transcript for Kentucky Pilot accused of murder pleads not guilty
I'm sonics ever get a guess at the Christian county courthouse and Kentucky a commercial pilots accused. Of a triple homicide it's when he hit teen is pleading not guilty. Christian Marx and walked inside the courtroom today with his hands and feet tied and chains and appeared to be stoic as he stood before a judge for his arraignment hearing martz and is accused of murdering three of his neighbors in November 2015. Prosecutors say Calvin Phillips was found shot to death in his home. And Pembroke Kentucky and the bodies of phillips' wife Pamela and their neighbor and we're dance Sierra were found a few miles away in a porn filled. And exports to car he was arrested earlier this month that an airplane full of passengers just minutes before take off at locals Mohammad Ali international airports Matt Phillips was the son of victims Pamela and Calvin telling us it was his first time seeing Mars and in person since his parents were murdered and when he fifteen. He adds he looks forward to seeing his parents accused killer being brought to justice. Martz is preliminary hearing a separate July 3 at 11 AM at the Jefferson County courthouse in Christian county Kentucky I'm sonics ever got this and you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"1:03","description":"Christian Martin pleaded not guilty to the 2015 triple homicide of his neighbors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63216196","title":"Kentucky Pilot accused of murder pleads not guilty","url":"/US/video/kentucky-pilot-accused-murder-pleads-guilty-63216196"}