Kerry Flies to Tel Aviv to Push for Cease-Fire

Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Israeli and Palestinian leaders amid FAA flight restrictions.
10:02 | 07/23/14

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Transcript for Kerry Flies to Tel Aviv to Push for Cease-Fire
Secretary of state John Kerry and Tel Aviv today meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and later. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to try to negotiate a cease fire right now -- international hot spot remains Israel and Gaza. I'm Michelle Franzen and New York the flight -- still in place for many airlines around the world including all US commercial airlines. After rocket fire from Hamas landed near the airport Israel is now asking the United States and other nations to drop the restrictions. And resumed their flights into Tel Aviv. For more on this we are joined now by ABC's Bob Woodruff -- Tel Aviv Bob Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked secretary -- To overturn the FAA suspension of America commercial flights. Is there any indication of the FAA's going to lift the restrictions anytime soon. Well enough nothing yet that's that's for sure in you can say that this businesses have been great airport air for -- international. Airport you see they served just flights. Local Israeli flights these are not the American once they're not gonna take off any time soon. Yes he did he asked John Kerry if he can change this with sick it's completely emptive FAA. And I think that decisions coming up very quickly this afternoon about the commercial flights bring people into Israel but also transfer port many goods. And services it rates what impact. That the restriction have on Israel or they direct or symbolic. -- -- well beyond symbolic. I -- you're talking about bringing tourists Syria talking about business people coming back and forth as an impact. On the economy and I think you're right that -- isn't -- -- the biggest. You know impact it has got as the fact you can't import and you can't export by plane. Have you don't have the planes to do it and that of course has a big effect on on the economy you know we went down to the to the old city of -- right down the middle of you know we'll break here in Israel in -- since then Jerusalem -- Jerusalem actually and and you could see is there are no tourists on -- streets the were not selling anything. This is a lot of it's because of the war that's been going on for sixteen days now but also because these plans are not coming commenting on so that -- has has an effect on it for sure. Secretary of state carry it had a pretty packed schedule since landing he met with Palestinian Fatah leaders including President Abbas. And he will be sitting down with prime minister Netanyahu later today. Also in Cairo yesterday and the only group is not spoken directly to -- -- -- The US getting any closer to helping brokering a lasting cease fire. You know we all hold so I think wish we had some more information about that just as everybody else even a US government I think even the Israeli government -- I don't think they know exactly what Hamas is gonna do. Hamas has rejected all the other cease fire proposals before. They don't want any kind of deal like that I don't think they really know exactly how much further they gonna go they had -- we all look at this is a really -- of the success. That's that Hamas is had by. Having these airlines from the United States and others around the world to cancel. And ban their flights. Here because they know that they have now done what they -- to do which is scare the world to improve their power. Right here in this area. So that's a -- that's a decision that's gonna have to be made as a cease fire gonna come now. You know we don't now this weird we're losing lives there's children being killed you know we've seen. Even from the study did look at the numbers you talk about one child every hour is being killed in the last two days right down there and Gaza. So a cease fire kidneys to be called -- Hamas made that decision I don't think -- -- -- -- And the numbers are referring to Bob the UN coming out -- report also saying that Israel has possibly committed war crimes as Israel responded. To this statement. There's nothing you know formal responding to that there was nothing you know that some position that they wanted to stay because there of course are denying. All of that claiming that Hamas is is the ones are really. There -- other and other -- criminals and all of this is no question about that they're saying that both sides are accusing. -- are accusing the others. And -- everyone's taking this side into that -- and I talked to a lot of Israelis here since we're here in Israel. And that I think most of the people feel that they've got to keep going on this because they are still getting. A lot of information we talked to -- the seriousness. A senior. Intel officer. Both told us that they're saying more and more tunnels than they expected. They're starting to see this they've seen some car bombs they have seen some of the water pipes underneath the ground and actually packed in. With some explosive devices down there as well so they're getting some things they didn't expect before they're seeing a lot more in a loss of of Israeli lives than they did before. Is that gonna make them end of this war earlier and call for a cease fire earlier. On the is right for the Israeli side who knows but it's certainly is a war that is getting much more intense than they ever expected. And you mentioned of course the death told the children that the death telling general is staggering in -- now more than 600. Fifty people killed while 31 is -- Israelis have died since the conflict began fifteen days ago. What is Israel's saint about the number of deaths of its soldiers and also casualties and -- -- it's it's a tragedy having everybody knows that I think everybody on all sides and never wanted this. To happen you know when you talk about this war starting and why this. Began I know that Hamas is lost a lot of its. It's it's relationships with other countries everything from Iran. You know to Egypt for sure Egypt is really gone much stronger and stronger against Hamas has so many thought that there are. This is kind of a of a movement of desperation to do something new to change its position. Because it was not opening up its gates to get any kind of trade in and -- he saw unemployment. Break down there and in Gaza. So how much what more could they have done. And so there's this is certainly in if you look at this as a success as we said before ending these flights coming in and out of Israel -- maybe they thought this was kind of -- a success. But I think -- lost a lot more than they ever expected as far as we know and is really certainly. Did -- you're talking you know a very high number -- about thirty. Military and two civilians. Lost for the Israelis. And that is number as the worst that they've seen since 2006. So this is really. You know it's it's a tragedy I mean people that we that talked it is really just can't even the can't live with this fact that children innocent people being killed down there. They also say it's. Yeah terms of their strategy they think it's something that was gonna happen -- -- that's happening because they can't find exactly the targets they want to head. For all sorts of reasons but I don't really want to get into but it's. It's. It's -- difficult for all of us to to to look at and it it is just isn't resident crew visited war -- -- -- crime that is being committed. One side both sides that's another one has to be answered probably sometime after this -- a cease fire if there's a site cease fire kicks him. And so Bob would both sides entrenched and with secretary Kerry on the ground there. What do you think international pressure can do to help broker a cease fire at this point. What do you think it could take for both sides to respond. When it comes to international pressure. -- now I mean I wish I was one of the diplomats that they go down there and come up with some answer you know this is not. As if this is a a sixteenth and sixteen day long. Debate that they've had this is not something brand new to this battle between. Between Israel and and Gaza. And you know nothing's really work before -- and as I -- I think there's some thought that Hamas before always ready to go ahead and in. -- give in to some of the pressure and Israel is gonna give in to some of the pressure but given the fact that these haven't worked and also the fact that Israel is getting. They're getting run rockets coming into their own country here they're getting people that have always happened some from Gaza the Hamas. Having come through the tunnels entered their country that completely change things and -- and you've seen. That the you know the of the iron dome is remarkable things that -- -- take down these rockets. Have been largely successful. Of course yesterday this was different this one -- was not able to drop down this rocket that was only less than a mile away from here. They hit bad neighborhood that we reported about yesterday. If if that if that was not working the way that it that it that it is I think most people -- and Israel. Believe they would've -- stand up a lot earlier in to Gaza. They would certainly just push even stronger into it right now to tried to prevent more. Rockets from coming here and killing people here in Israel. So if that is still successful -- -- an iron domes do continue. To to take down those rockets then they will probably be you know. Maybe it's possible for them to come up to -- a cease fire. But if that doesn't happen then I think they're gonna keep going and -- it's a win. Bob Woodruff but that during an international airport in Tel Aviv thank you very much. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And starring this story for exclusive updates on the go you've been watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24681253,"title":"Kerry Flies to Tel Aviv to Push for Cease-Fire","duration":"10:02","description":"Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Israeli and Palestinian leaders amid FAA flight restrictions.","url":"/US/video/kerry-flies-tel-aviv-push-cease-fire-24681253","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}