Kerry Kennedy Not Guilty in Drugged-Driving Case

A jury acquitted the 54-year-old of driving under the influence of Ambien.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kerry Kennedy Not Guilty in Drugged-Driving Case
This is a special group. -- -- -- -- I'm -- company or -- the CBC news digital special report off the hook Kerry Kennedy daughter of Robert F Kennedy an ex wife of New York governor Andrew Cuomo was found not guilty in her drugged driving trial. The six jurors agreement since Kennedy took the sleeping pill Ambien by accident. She should not lose her license privileges. From when the verdict -- -- bring an ABC's GO it is outside the courthouse in White Plains, New York in GO what was the reaction that verdict when it was -- today. Or were told there was clapping inside the courtroom because remember Dan. A lot of legal experts had said that they were probably gonna find her not guilty from the beginning. You solved when this case -- -- -- That. Both sides prosecutors and the defense have both agreed by the end of this trial that she did in fact take that -- by accident. What the prosecutors were saying was well then she should have been on the road. -- or that she should have at least hold over which he started to feel the effects there was an expert yesterday a pharmacologist -- clinical pharmacologist. Who ended up saying yet. And it really doesn't work that way with Ambien because there's something called -- zombie ism in fact some sort of automatic gun control that that takes over your body. That you are not able to control and so that's what that expert was arguing yesterday on the -- At the Kennedy family has -- with carry this entire week including her mother apple. What was her reaction -- -- Right now they are all very happy mean she's an 85 year old. In in the wheelchair is as you've seen so many times and -- that video. Obviously the entire family has been supporting her from the very beginning. Remember this was on a misdemeanor. Drug driving case and they -- here from beyond that it was four days of testimony. And really the deliberations took just about two hours because he had about 45 minutes late yesterday before they broke they had a quick question. -- and then they came back today and within some forty minutes today. Had that verdict what are we hearing from legal analyst given the fact that obviously there's such high prominence of this case because of the Kennedy family. Our analysts saying that in fact the prosecution pushed harder because of that kind of background. You know that's that was the argument from the very beginning right that that. The the prosecutors were saying. That because of that background because of that Kennedy family background. That that she perhaps was flying. To persuade the jury that way and I think stand that something's happening behind me here -- -- -- move out here for a second. So we can see clearly. It appears that the Kennedy family is walking out at this point. It is that -- this is this of them right there there walking out obviously cameras following their every move not sure they're saying anything right now Dan. Or remember she's had -- On the stand that that she never intended. To take that. Ambien pill that she thought it was thyroid. Medication that she was taking and that of course she slide swiped. That that tractor trailer. But it looks like everyone's holding. Hands here everyone is is quite happy here with this verdict obviously with Kennedy and I lesson before let's go jokes and anyone -- right over there and seeking chat with them. What about crowds outside of the courthouse because of the prominence in the the family name that was -- -- I'm sorry Dan I can hear you very well here has there been a lot of attention a lot of crowds actually physically gathering outside the courthouse or even inside the courtroom itself because of the prominence of this case. You know we haven't seen too much of that here at least not today -- All right ABC easier to. Excuse me GOP need as my apologies and try to get job as -- as -- and -- -- -- right over their GO thank you for that a complete report. Right here on That report the color from White Plains, New York where that verdict is being read -- not guilty for Kerry Kennedy and her drugged driving case. Bernard Dan -- New York with its ABC news special report.

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{"id":22717428,"title":"Kerry Kennedy Not Guilty in Drugged-Driving Case","duration":"3:00","description":"A jury acquitted the 54-year-old of driving under the influence of Ambien.","url":"/US/video/kerry-kennedy-not-guilty-drugged-driving-case-22717428","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}