Kidnapped Florida Brothers Reunited With Mother

Two small boys were allegedly taken from their North Miami home by an acquaintance.
1:16 | 02/05/13

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Transcript for Kidnapped Florida Brothers Reunited With Mother
Five -- Darien and three year old ray are home with their mothering in good spirits that much we know. I think got to -- -- -- season -- -- what police won't say is why their mothers a queens Jennifer Krasner also known as Gloria. Took the boy is away from their baby -- yesterday without permission. -- -- -- -- and join -- this is an AMBER Alert was issued and an all out manhunt began. By this morning police had tracked down their suspect they -- Krasner in the kids over on I 95. And -- luck boulevard. Cheating and well -- -- -- fans of them have rattled. The kids say they're in good conditions you know I don't know enough Carnegie in nineteen and eighteen. Investigators arrested her questioned her and then. They released her without charging her for anything. They left -- police station their destination I don't know. They still are under investigation and charges would be an. Police would not say why and surprisingly this mom is okay with that outcome. You'd think I'd still -- for my kids -- backstage when he's -- -- okay she says her kids are safe. And home. And that's all that matters.

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{"id":18414788,"title":"Kidnapped Florida Brothers Reunited With Mother","duration":"1:16","description":"Two small boys were allegedly taken from their North Miami home by an acquaintance.","url":"/US/video/kidnapped-florida-brothers-reunited-mother-18414788","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}