Kobayashi Downs 337 Wings

Competitive eating champ Takeru Kobayashi claims $20,000 prize.
1:35 | 02/04/12

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Transcript for Kobayashi Downs 337 Wings
Steady rain down on to hear from Leon Sheen -- a whopping 300. -- release names. The snag this -- thousand dollar grand prize. He displayed his -- -- bringing out smashing the previous record. Help like Jonathan super square -- over -- -- through a translator he explains. He was unsure of what to expect its competition -- -- what I can do you yeah. Yeah. And I understand how -- -- -- not eating well. Special. Now forty. Like the. They are a little bit smaller but there they're easier to rip through the -- -- to be hard to -- through they just they can just grab pole and -- it's gone pretty much how wet. Piles of chicken disappeared under the -- -- -- of the three time champion is your runner up super -- sat Mexico Leon -- both -- -- gut -- Pace but their stocks -- crying. Their focus absolute sweet finished having -- 171. Me. I was actually. Amid with the first round and -- started relevant again -- -- merry go back but it goes down. It's great experience and I don't know how to approach adulthood Tatum a -- -- -- next here there was. No shaken baby chicken but that was awful lot of she -- -- We next -- students here it grabs you and not kind to us and on the basis. Actually we're gonna lock them and that's -- conservative message doesn't reflect my hello.

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{"duration":"1:35","description":"Competitive eating champ Takeru Kobayashi claims $20,000 prize. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15510339","title":"Kobayashi Downs 337 Wings","url":"/US/video/kobayashi-downs-337-wings-wing-bowl-15510339"}