First lady, education secretary talk next steps to reopening schools

During a visit from first lady Jill Biden, a Connecticut principal speaks about vaccinating teachers and making students feel safe.
3:14 | 03/04/21

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Transcript for First lady, education secretary talk next steps to reopening schools
Newly sworn in secretary of education and young Cardona and First Lady Jill Biden. Have started Tom offensives to talk about reopening schools. They visited schools in Connecticut and Pennsylvania yesterday ABC's Mary Bruce was with them. Well this may be Joseph Biden's and biggest challenge right now trying to fulfill his promise to reopened most of America's schools by the end of may and now he is a new strategy trying to vaccinated as many teachers as possible it's something the unions have been demanding but the CDC the nation's top scientists. C fascinating teachers is not necessary. Isn't a prerequisite in order to get them back into the classroom. And now the president has been deploying it is secret weapon in this fight. The nation's top educator the First Lady Jill Biden has been out visiting school she's been here in Pennsylvania and in Connecticut along with the education secretary Jill Biden herself an educator she's teaching virtually. This semester to her students and she tells teachers look. She gets it she understands their frustration. Michigan visiting school districts have actually been successful in reopening their schools but even the district that she visited are still a hybrid models some students in class. Some learning virtually and the teachers we talked to said look they're proud of what they've been able to achieve that others can do this too would simply requires a lot of hard work. And a lot of teamwork but they also tell us like everyone across the country there eager to get students back in the class full time. But they believe it's gonna take one key thing. We want to be back I am I future I am teaching virtually. And last week I think you might students. The paint guy. Hard you do it. And they said after being ordered OK but you're OK. But we can't wait to be back in the class. And even now I think that's how we all feel but we just know that we have to get back safely. Teamwork. It's grueling. It's. Listening. It's working as a team. And that's just not good to a bus gets every single person in that building and every single person who works premiered in public schools. Had some hard. Console. To help make this happen. We want to teach kids this is not normal this is not logical. We want them. But we want them back safely with us being saved them being saved and that's what we need to get done what's it gonna take to get there. The vaccines for every teacher and every one so much more comfortable and much more comfortable. You keep saying that certain the linchpin to this it is getting teachers that vaccine the CDC says that's not a prerequisite to having to do back in the classroom. Nobody would feel more comfortable now as for parents they of course are juggling so much we talked to one mom was forced students. In this district all on different schedules she says yet like most parents across the country she wakes up some mornings and says just doesn't know how she's going to get all of this accomplished. The president has set this ambitious goal. But the reality is that right now based on one analysis just roughly 45%. Of the nation's school children are actually backing class. Full time still a long way to go primary Prius in Philadelphia.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"During a visit from first lady Jill Biden, a Connecticut principal speaks about vaccinating teachers and making students feel safe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76260017","title":"First lady, education secretary talk next steps to reopening schools","url":"/US/video/lady-education-secretary-talk-steps-reopening-schools-76260017"}