Las Vegas concertgoer: 'I didn't want to die'

Brian Claypool was seated in the first row of the concert when gunfire broke out.
8:04 | 10/02/17

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Transcript for Las Vegas concertgoer: 'I didn't want to die'
Bryan Clay Poole Brian. Tell us where you were when this happened really in the concert. BA Georgia I would sitting in the front row. What called Nihon Libya piece suction. And if she is now being was looking out a work toward the crowd it would have been a good laugh while. Dan. Usually earned him yeah. Am I Bob Barr Arnold can last. We are get a little bird it was you're Jason and I hesitated it is. Worried. Now under current state shot luck saw them drop our. And then I would running. And then there's the shot what they it was assault rifle like and they went on a mock it you George. See like hand but fifteen seconds I was lying on the ground and I hope. And then there was a break and I ran on the steps and then a guy funneled about twenty of us into a little room. Because we were kind of an alarm fire running or are what M police officers and go get in this room armed and I am. You know I thought I felt like why don't they were like these six young he. I don't know it looked like at least I don't know in their early twenties they were currently under you know I don't bother Olindo. You know these kind of people can top that it literally wanted to die in the pool room. With the girl and we waited pull another round of shopping and ran. And I peeked out the front door and the guys sit police officers screamed go now aren't. I rallied everybody out of that room to run work. Could get away from shot and then and then it was like what should people two people shot I just talked to. Com I just got three with hiding in the MGM Harper's senator finally got read out of there. I ran into trouble Vermont the practice to twelve minutes spoke to a girl this trend was killed he was right amount. In front of us in the general admission election look good little sense in front of us and then the general mission but generally only from Simi Valley, California debt. Well I mean I'm Tony is your license flashing. Your informative. Yeah it's a sense it isn't just terrified look the right wing it when you're in that little room how far is that. From the Mandalay bay hotel where the shooter who was taken. Hello. George by the way are on I was speaking I'm Frank McCourt report for I share this dream elevator and there's there's there's sniper. Trim elevator. I guess he was around 32 one week or right to be so mean I didn't. The magic map and another thing I almost bought the car early I thought about me when other people who kill. But Chicagoans finished and I especially you know I got an early flight to get back they'll anymore I've buffers would put him out leaving early and I would've walked right that. George the corner where that shooting started is that he got corner I walked but I'm thinking a lot early. Then I wish I am I'm convinced we can you know I was right here are destruction we're right on that corner who can already whenever let me read what is. It finally today. Sears we really worry that that corps was right beneath. The Mandalay bay you're not suggests initiated started out on the street and then moved upstairs. Now I know what are okay if you could picture this art art for much from my group among 24 or I gotta I got it. I got a lot they get their cue group right through this concert. Looking out of my room. I could it was eerie eye could see the whole. Speedy and shut up. For concert you should get you could you so sure this guy whoever he was a mystery second. Under the agreement only trump I don't even know what happened the issue from the street from the room but he has a clear open he would can appear around the few that entire. That entire stadium and he walked up to Mandalay bay there's a quarter to cross street in and that's one of the entrances are right into the the concert that's right entered that first. He which is where that that this VIP section is on the left to speak is right there that's where fault. That's where all started I don't know whether from Streeter. Didn't really doesn't have run of the 32 floor is found missing that would be a clear shot down popular it's absolutely George absolutely in fact. Exactly what I flew battery warning if they'd want. Obama could come back earlier today I decided that it should change my flight tomorrow morning bright if you didn't you'll be open war. And I remember earlier do you believe just in my room looking out there like school district are all like big. Get the news that guy why you wouldn't want to attributable. To settlement with the reflects our. You can't beat he fiction cameraman he would love what I haven't gotten that it would just right just to to duty yet. And immediately clear truck cute and people working frantically to. It would applaud them for what runs the insecure. And an appearance of the so they think he should be there who would bring down the panel with whom he. Let me get you feel particularly get a complete halt the your complete the pulpit but you're wondering your book because what this uniform or. If you you don't immediately. Replica of quality forcefully about the report looking at of the courageous people bit unbelievable play guy. It's time like. How long wasn't before nuisance. Oh I'm. Jordan going whatever. The about a half hour ago half hour. But the shooting what it will turn to the shooting guard about it ten all and I wouldn't let things get a good penalty kill climate 2 o'clock AM march on La Vega. So I'd say about a half hour that the post time. I thought that you take you know a okay. People who have no income for half hour break through the sort of medium people were killed but let everybody I would quit the word. About their life Everett is no matter where you work. It didn't you can look you'll see anywhere. But you're listening to you said here instinct was to. Run. Get out of my yeah okay my my my initial instinct. My initial instinct was run and I get up on the front Rodham and people here at this that your that your that the children part of it short. People building owners PM like when the shooting started that the shooting which happening. They were like not frozen moment I would like a home like I hope these people get hit break. I thought gave you know being trumpeted far and I'm like I'm out of here OK are you found there was going down. And then I couldn't get up but I whole and then that's when the fifteen seconds or show just assault rifle shooting occurred. That might lead on the ground although people down. Lee down I felt and heard from the people I look cute I felt that it felt like it would break that give me. And I we people who stopped. That's when I didn't really down these steps. Doctor mark logged on your door open big PP here because you are in the want what we were writing which is not lined up behind here. Let me pubic. Girls and their crew I can and get scared but trying to keep people he could trying to -- development round stopped. I have hundreds of kids I have a good actually at my little girl. You have you know. A couple of legal trouble like country than they usually get about that is it is your time copied the market be read my daughter. It's like it then other partners like all that's all I thought. I'm not gonna go down what I did planet of George look I'm not gonna go down sit in the room okay that was a temporary. Situation because I was thinking of or land and it worked both the mayor who were trying to help in manner. And I'm mica Matlock happened here and an Yasushi stop that I went off the front of the war and that guy like Pete get get everybody here.

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{"duration":"8:04","description":"Brian Claypool was seated in the first row of the concert when gunfire broke out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"50225350","title":"Las Vegas concertgoer: 'I didn't want to die'","url":"/US/video/las-vegas-concertgoer-die-50225350"}