Las Vegas Mayor Goes on Food Stamps

Carolyn Goodman hopes to raise awareness about funding for food-stamp programs.
1:45 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Las Vegas Mayor Goes on Food Stamps
It certainly with the wheat -- I'm getting the fiber. I have the low fat milk there's -- -- NATO is well but -- Three square food banks -- Tyson checking the list of -- mayor Carolyn Goodman. Could afford to eat this week. My life is so busy and I sort of respond to the needs of my body. When it says help I'm screaming I'm starving. I think what -- I have today shall have a bag imprinted all know -- on the program. The food stamp programs weekly benefit is twenty dollars and thirty cents per person that's four dollars and six cents a day. It didn't -- she notes that buys a lot of eggs peanut butter and jelly because she and her husband Oscar -- rich and famous when they moved to Las Vegas in 1960. People so I we get down to the point of what we have this week what do people didn't -- We actually had one lady give up her -- so that her daughter can have -- -- alleged because they -- where her daughter kept saying she felt hungry. These -- Tyson says blogs some locals who joined -- act experience ranged from frustration and anger that healthy options can cost more. Didn't says she's held up well there's still much meat on his body -- like at. But she's concerned about others who can -- Blessing for me I know that this this is over tomorrow -- -- people -- it's never over it is never -- our. And this whole week of raising awareness about making sure that -- -- continue. Congress to fit to reauthorize the -- that this year and it includes funding for food stamp program nationwide. Reporting from our studios which ET channel thirteen action.

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{"id":15456140,"title":"Las Vegas Mayor Goes on Food Stamps","duration":"1:45","description":"Carolyn Goodman hopes to raise awareness about funding for food-stamp programs.","url":"/US/video/las-vegas-mayor-goes-on-food-stamps-15456140","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}