‘It’s not too late’: Carbon capture can fight climate change

ABC News’ Ginger Zee reports on carbon capture technology, including a $100 million prize, with the goal of slowing climate change.
6:25 | 03/05/21

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Transcript for ‘It’s not too late’: Carbon capture can fight climate change
What is technology existed until literally showed slowed down climate change trading a bridge of sorts to more sustainable future. This week's it's not too late hour ginger zee explains a solution is out there and has actually been for years. But its next step that's tricky. Bias. Okay. Hi and in busy and it's not too late. Almost every week I have stood right here and I have shown you graphs like this is that is carbon dioxide rising at a rate never seen in history. And pair it with what it does threaten planet he keeps. Can we show you all the time that that jump in CO2 emissions is definitely from us mostly the east. But remember a year ago when we heard a bunch of mealy beautiful stories about animals going back to their habitats. CO2 levels dropping dramatically without everybody's regular commute and all but Jack in the sky. Yesterday was so about hundred air quality is here due to defective system traffic in particular group clothes you Google the Finnish citizen. Nature is a funny way of taking back control. Silver lining to the global pandemic they set. Well it's silver lining just got a little bit tarnished because. Our missions are back up we ended twenty cloning and 2% more emissions than we had and 2019. And it doesn't look like we're gonna slow down anytime simply be. See themselves. Since we haven't figured out the old renewable slips yet and that's gonna take time we are going to heat burning fossil fuels. There's a wouldn't be great if we could just grandma that CO2 before it goes into the atmosphere and heat has gotten. It's an idea that you. This isn't hill but that doesn't mean they can't be a big help right now. Wake him yesterday. It's called carbon capture. It's just but it sounds makes a let me show you exactly how this works. He taken natural gas plant for example view a smokestack is pouring tons of carbon dioxide into the here every day another differently as he didn't do this but amazingly it put something in that smokestack that attracts carbon dioxide the only movie grabs at all. Then you can heat up and that's substance and take away the car an act cited put tee in the ground and Moore who may get into Sunday. And then you can reuse the CO2 magnet to get more CO2. Very had decades of success in labs and even then power plants like this one in Illinois where they've been sequestering carbon after night. And then injecting it into the soft outlook for below them from more than forty years and there's also this one in Texas. Where they have the capacity to take more than seven million tons of carbon out of the atmosphere each year. So wait and then. Silver bullet that's gonna save us from ourselves and. If so what I have plead not done and freeware yet we don't need dragged on the costs present economic. There's none of them really good business case. Lola hits about money okay. We'll cover that sane is not in itself all that profitable so that's a problem and there are questions about what we can make famine. So if you think about current uses of carbon dioxide. There's things like. In a greenhouse constant current concentration seemed to helps plants and growing income beverage production. Its cement and concrete manufactured. One of the highest prices you can get for selling CO2 currently. Is actually enhanced oil recovery and here's the case. Here it still cost a lot to capture carbon what are we at about a point where it costs. Forty and forty to 45 dollars per tonne them see you Richards who captured but there is a relatively new tax credit that might help motivate companies are steering and state. Sister I have. Show us right hip boots. And. We are in the early stages of implementation of a tax credit COLT forty five's Q there's there's a time. I it was who was extended by congress that in that particular tax credit. Paris cause a lot of industry interest answered yeah we'd Leonid Jolie Morgan on the carbon capture poorer. 25 years once the markets ready for that technology is ready to move them. The bottom line though is carbon capture is still expensive and somebody is going to need to make it worth the while a big business to get involved. Whether it's the government and the research being done at the national energy technology laboratory. Or are. Maybe. Billion Harris. I am donating 100 million toward a prize for best have been captured technology. None and says I'm going like I say I am going to Starbucks but he's done and oh yeah okay. It's not our society and then there's somebody who also knows a little bit about making history and says humanity. We need more than just spend it actually in all actually think people of the Israeli ambulance into it. And noted that we shouldn't. Big chips that cost. Make sure that can be very large scale. A news on Syria is the first Muslim woman to go to space. And for the first time around and now she is the CEO of tax hikes and she's trying to convince the best and the brightest in the world means that focus on. Part in cash and you wanna just love your hand they say but it looks like this. But that's got them it is and it's not to an eight. Now we aren't getting to that underlined. The you know weekends. That would be I don't know I'm but the not and on the knicks Riley and daily email me. You don't know me from around the problems. Little competition we reach out to every corner of the world you mean by eighteen majors this comment but that he is honest Kmart. Yeah yeah she bit her and. She said and when we can do this. Leach captain business in the and it's not until age.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"ABC News’ Ginger Zee reports on carbon capture technology, including a $100 million prize, with the goal of slowing climate change.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76261357","title":"‘It’s not too late’: Carbon capture can fight climate change","url":"/US/video/late-carbon-capture-fight-climate-change-76261357"}