It’s Not Too Late: Push for renewable energy

ABC News’ Ginger Zee looks at the new push for renewable energy following the Colonial Pipeline cyberhack.
4:33 | 05/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for It’s Not Too Late: Push for renewable energy
Tonight clean energy advocates say that the pipeline hacking is proof that it's time to accelerate the push to end our reliance on fossil fuels and go green. Our ginger zee has this week's it's not too late. A. Hi I'm ginger zeman and it's not too late county I know you seen the panic it's. Yeah do you have gashton visit notice. I'm of the McCain you might think these feeling empty. And I'll began comes had battles learned the challenge to gas stations. Yes this gas station just got a delivery overnight and they are already running out only regulars left here across the street. There is no gas at all and it's all thanks to you. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has determined colonials network was infected by ransom where. Answer criminal act obviously. The colonial pipeline yes that's the type plan that's been dominating the news this week the one that services a huge chunk of the southeastern United States and because gas shortages in more than a dozen states and you know as soon as this happened my and I went to. Yeah. But before easy owners get all high and mighty. I think the bigger question is are we relying too much one type of energy for once had a fuel. What more renewable energy and help us in a situation like this storm would that make us more susceptible energy secretary Jennifer Granholm says that they are still committed to the zero emissions by 2035 it's a big change in the grid and they know they're gonna have to put in. New protections. You know there are few and driving electric car this would not be affecting you clearly have an issue for the presidents have priority in this American jobs plan. The issue of investing in a transmission grid for example so that you don't have the cyber. Issues associated with it so there's a lot of broader questions in this. And we hope that we'll be able to see that investment and infrastructure that will facilitate clean and renewable energy. And I now he'll have not forgotten that Texas winter storm that not coming. And yes while the turbines and did seriousness noted the natural gas and the nuclear hand the call everything's throws so that wasn't an attack by a person or a group that an attack by mother nature. This is Parnell we have mind when we talk about resilience we need to make sure infrastructure is resilient to climate security issues caused by the increased frequency and severity of weather events but we also need to be sure. That we are resilient in the face of cyber threats. You re Indian let's start with me. BS and then right when we heard this my mind when you what about renewable wouldn't this Ian great moment to say. She do we diversify our energy. Well we should diversify our energy and moves to clean energy economy regardless. What happened with the colonial pipeline. But actually renewals are just as vulnerable. Any any infrastructure that is connected. To the Internet which frankly more more infrastructure every day is vulnerable to some dozen same type of cyber incidents. But yeah yeah friends tell us that renewable energy is just journey and among mourners smaller systems than half of fuels that they're here targets for hamburgers but also lessen the potential impact me. One system after tax. As you put more distributed getting more street resources onto this electricity system did you open yourself up more vulnerabilities so part of the energy transition. Needs to be thinking about resilience writ large it's cyber resilience in particular. So this is. Vulnerable sale I don't think it's what what one or the other and it actually think he's boat that there there is going to be oil and gas. In the energy system. Or very very long time and there are going to be economically imports. We're going to rely on them so we should build resilience into the oil and gas infrastructure and present. And Biden has signed an order to improve the government response to cyber attacks and the White House says that funding from the infrastructure bill that they're talking so much about. Could also be used to shore up protections. And perhaps this there's as a warning because we haven't made that new renewable grant him so this will get us in a better position to make it more protected look I'm ginger scene and it's not dealing. A warning for many reasons our thanks to ginger.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"ABC News’ Ginger Zee looks at the new push for renewable energy following the Colonial Pipeline cyberhack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77681273","title":"It’s Not Too Late: Push for renewable energy","url":"/US/video/late-push-renewable-energy-77681273"}