Latest on independent investigation into Cuomo

How Democrats are reacting to allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo amid calls for the governor’s resignation.
5:23 | 03/02/21

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Transcript for Latest on independent investigation into Cuomo
ABC's senior investigative reporter Aaron Qatar Scaife has been following this story for as he joins me now for more on this. Aaron good morning how it is Governor Cuomo responding to these accusations and the calls for him to step down. Diane good morning she said different reactions to the different women when Lindsey oil and his former aides first made accusations that dated from a couple of years ago he flatly denied them she first raise those allegations back in December on Twitter repeatedly and recently on a medium post and she said. That the accusations just. Flat out we're not true that women have the right to come forward but and Lindsay women's Stacy G outright denied them when Charlotte Bennett came forward the governor had a little bit of a different statement. He said that his words were misinterpreted. As on want to flirtation key city and tried to be a mentor to Charlotte Dennett who was 25 years old back in June when she was in his office alone and when she alleges. That that he's you guessed repeated questions about her sex life and but her with the impression that he wanted to sleep weather and when this third accuser does on a rook. I ended up talking about what happened she says what she says happened at a wedding reception back in 2019. The governor's office did not directly address the allegation but instead pointed back. The statement that the governor. Issued over the weekend the Senate's sometimes his words it misinterpret it. But there was that's photograph that but it certainly has to be uncomfortable for the governor. His hands are on honor brooks' cheeks and it seems to reinforce the notion that you inspect at least punching her. Inappropriately and she said it made her feel uncomfortable. And Aaron that's not tune your accusers coming for oranges the past few days how does that affect the investigation. You know I think seeing the when did the investigations just getting started. And the attorney general's office was telling me that they they had just read the John in the New York Times given by general. And this 2019 wedding reception and they'll decide whether to incorporated. Into unit the broader investigation. On a rooks as count is distinct from the other two and that she did not work for Cuomo or for state government should just happened to meet in. At a wedding reception. And so whether it stance incident the attorney general's investigation. As a focal point we're not sure but the attorney general news broadly investigating Cuomo's undocked. We've women over the years in and who knows how many more. Me stepped forward with these kinds of allegations. A column became a star in the Democratic Party over the past year what are pardon related leaders saying about all that's. It's just stunning Diane to think that it was one year ago yesterday. New York's at its first case of corona virus and not really launched Governor Cuomo. Into the national spotlight vote went his regular briefings and became almost must see TV for for so many people because she was giving. Such frank information. Democrats now are are hardly. Rushing to news defense some like congresswoman Kathleen rice are calling for his resignation. Other Democrats though prefer to wait for the outcome of the state attorney general's investigation. The news reel talk in democratic circles now dying and about whether they're holding themselves. To a standard that Republicans are are not interest in him and and whether they're unilaterally disarming him in this goes back to the ouster of Al Franken. From the United States senate. After an allegation that he he grabbed a woman's products. And some Democrats are are now feeling like. Maybe they forced Franken out too quickly. And maybe you know if if this were a Republican Cuomo wouldn't be held at the scene standard. So I think it's a difficult spot for for Democrats but for now. Cuomo himself in his news out of sight now hiding behind the investigation he says he will have no further public comment. Until that investigation wraps up and I could be months from now. And of course Daryn this isn't the only controversy surrounding him right now he's also under investigation for inaccurately reporting. Kobe death numbers in nursing homes early in the pandemic what's the latest on that. And that's what makes this such a troubling moment for Governor Cuomo in and of itself. A couple of women accusing him like this and maybe she could have weathered it differently. But he was already vulnerable because of the questions that persistent questions that still linger over whether he's been fully forthcoming. About the amount of corona virus death. In New York nursing homes he's under federal investigation. She has hired a prominent criminal attorney in New York City to represent him in that in not investigation. And so. That has yet to be resolved and and taken together. As sort of a 12 punch sexual harassment allegations. Nursing home death information allegations. This is the most perilous moment of Cuomo's career. And it really raises questions as to whether he can run again for a fourth term we know that he you wanted to see you. About what is made him though the longest serving governor surpassing his father Mario Cuomo. But about look like a cakewalk forum you don't just a couple of months ago. Now I think that's quite an doubt. All right Aaron pictures keep thanks for the update our we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"How Democrats are reacting to allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo amid calls for the governor’s resignation. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76202449","title":"Latest on independent investigation into Cuomo","url":"/US/video/latest-independent-investigation-cuomo-76202449"}