Law enforcement officials reflect on Derek Chauvin conviction, policing in America

ABC News' Janai Norman meets with four prominent U.S. law enforcement officials to discuss key challenges facing police officers today.
7:02 | 05/04/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Law enforcement officials reflect on Derek Chauvin conviction, policing in America
Andrew Brown junior's funeral is just the latest officer involved deaths showing headlines in the weeks and stare at children's conviction for the murder of George Floyd. The calls for reform continue to grow louder as more black and brown Americans lose their lives in altercations with police. So this is shenae Norman gathered for prominent law enforcement officials from around the country. You dive into the critical challenges facing police departments and the communities they serve. Here's part one of our week long look at policing in America. We're a watershed moment American cleese and I truly hope that. Who all silence which has exist it is coming amber Barbara martial art because those. What happens we're sure we're Nash trial it was refreshing UC police officers. And. Your so right about how important I was in that trial so important and we. Closing arguments with the sort of dire gramley a spider web showing you how many different law enforcement officers testified for that and say that it was wrong what he has been the reaction in the law enforcement. Do your show venues being Washington it. Must cyber leads this seemed hello to hat or even has come or are the very last week hopefully it's a little restaurant. All the good news because that was not. At least try. We don't. You wanna do you re saying we don't want to hurt anyone who can't hold a lot and windows are raced on full. Police and humble and gun injury verdict. We see how many incident on video we're at least questioning. Whether or at least there are eating from George Roy Taylor. I'm few bright injure brown junior recently all of them were unarmed even in the 24 hours a year. The jury can get your children Lisa six police killings even do you think is as. DC police sitting in America. Unfortunately anything as a profession. We really come together. And become unified and how we police we got to look at it. Practices was not working anymore we have do per S as society changes and the look at our practices we elegant don't waste your approach how we may sauce. Though he hadn't been for salon. We CDs videos each year oh out of our own bad apple and now you've got people saying well. And it's not bad apple rocketry. And he has some good apples how much you being Kona blue silence. Contributes to this culture. And police department contribute good officers. Not when they see bad things. I think it all comes on the part of it aren't and a growing in a cultural Dennett apartments. It doesn't starter. The organization and I'm asking people to go all the way to the brand new officer is just starting in I mention on boarding up. In the right easy and pounds screening out people who are not going to be toppled for the possession drew or not going to be yeah. Your organization and is crucial come in because. I think people Julie house and they worry actors. Nation absolutely just amazed. And culture in a departments. And in what would you say it is. Per. The surprise of profession for any community to be effective as. In policing you have to work partnerships seniors and you can't police is seen by herself. Used stand a police officer sued handle pays as I don't problem some results and reach catastrophic. So we're so we have to reinvent our Jerrold. You think that all of you retraining or. Police officers. Yeah absolutely shall warrant has policing by Anwar urged embraces this command and control this. You are rushing in the surest. And the resolution as quickly as possible you know we're seeing now is that those types of actions war crimes in. Escrow Reese usually. Senator DS news she. Training and training officer is now is probably the most important things our agencies do as. Our standing in his own in the culture and the rest of the entire east we look at. Dollar purse. And anti diversity your first Asian American police she. New York city's history Sonata obviously. Impacts your they're coming to law enforcement. Historically and you've had an anti Asian. Buyers environments gone meeting humanity's in his country really need to face our history. And congressman. She turned that enjoy positive didn't learn how to engagement are different she needs a reserve. I was matter. One hour d.s largest social justice movement in the history of this country calling for at least accountability. Protesting against police or use. Somehow. Larry Wright matter has been. Posed as the opposition. On the police I think issues once I either need. Overall majority. The moon is all they're just looking for justice even under oppression pursue only yankees asked. We're just Harden their remarks black clouds matter act it is used. Right after George ordered in her remarks. So line. The community know that we were hurting just as much as they were Sears want to need to remember. In a room full of people in their mid twenties we're just coming on the job. No one and no one all coming on the job today was standing on the other side of the bridge. And it has urged saw how well I'm on what he's. And no one in that room engaged. Here. However uniform or anywhere. Was there. And you're all alone. You're positioned today and then bashed you may not be responsible war. And you're responsible to release an update or each meet or so arts and and and that's an engagement. Our thanks to Jane Norman and our colleagues at GMA for that record and we'll have part two of Cheney's conversation with those officials on possible reforms. Tomorrow night.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"ABC News' Janai Norman meets with four prominent U.S. law enforcement officials to discuss key challenges facing police officers today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77476538","title":"Law enforcement officials reflect on Derek Chauvin conviction, policing in America","url":"/US/video/law-enforcement-officials-reflect-derek-chauvin-conviction-policing-77476538"}