LAX Shooting: Passenger Describes 'Mass Panic'

Terry Malloy heard shots, ran onto the runway and hid behind a catering truck after shooting at airport.
1:58 | 11/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LAX Shooting: Passenger Describes 'Mass Panic'
Terry Malloy calling -- on terror we are you up -- -- a passenger. -- -- -- Yeah I was about her and in a working real -- just waiting chewed apart and -- what happened. Well it was funny our existing -- and I was -- teaching where -- agents were and then I heard the alarm -- like you are here when the door open you know -- her Yorkshire. -- that's weird and then I just all these people charging down that ramp going in a million directions. And -- to -- looking at each other about what we can do care and terrorized by the ticketing agent ducked a Geiger counter and -- record shots. Shots did you -- I heard at least three. So you heard the shots. After you saw everyone charging -- you. It was the kind of votes yeah I think I heard one shot and then -- -- went dirt -- but -- -- any. You know that we do we ran -- ran out short on one of the year's order. Tribunal which dumpster of direct community so that's -- -- the cheers and then. I'm somebody who -- -- doors and we literally just ran on the runway and then -- we saw. She were three airport police cars control urging down -- -- he would their doors open. They mentioned. The one gate and then we can to what appears to we kind of -- on -- One like one about catering trucks. In the -- we -- people being shaken out. Probably near one Europe the -- security law and the report across struggle but there was this kind of mass panic and -- -- what was going through your mind at that point. -- -- -- to realistically I would just like this this can't be happy to just you know -- home W open that door and then once or reverse shot. You know it's like the based agent conflict prior -- no that's been shot. And hiding -- police but -- -- not scared but not just go cocoa and you know give workers I don't know we granite. You know you should just went right.

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{"id":20756076,"title":"LAX Shooting: Passenger Describes 'Mass Panic'","duration":"1:58","description":"Terry Malloy heard shots, ran onto the runway and hid behind a catering truck after shooting at airport.","url":"/US/video/lax-shooting-passenger-describes-mass-panic-20756076","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}