Legal expert: George Floyd’s brother helped ‘humanize and give life’ to Floyd

Attorney Robert Dicello analyzes the "spark of life" testimony from George Floyd’s brother, Floyd’s cause of death and the difficulty of the defense to "push through" the prosecution’s case.
4:24 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Legal expert: George Floyd’s brother helped ‘humanize and give life’ to Floyd
Ever more analysis of the trial we bring in defense attorney Robert to cello with the law firm to cello Levitt and got slur thank you so much for joining us. Let's start without emotional testimony from George Floyd's brother felonies. Here's a bit of it. Going back to growing up in Judy homes can you please tell the jury what rule. George Floyd half. There's older brother house. It's a lose. News. People always. Make shoes. We head up close the school he may issues. We all we're going to be gone to school loan. Salute to join us Vancouver he would make sure you have a snag this and again in the water. What kind of impact teasing that his testimony has on a jury in on the flip side do you think at any point we'll journey testimony that could potentially humanize Derek showman. Do you this tussle resuming how's this is simply to humanize and give life. To me and it warns George Ford of course 1985. Minnesota. I started this slower life could witness testimony. By trends and were within. Minnesota law so that the actual usage this morning this to humanize and give us. Humble perspective. This man who's there it goes beyond that the struggles by a police car or in the unit in the in the in the next. It's really try and give him. The voice frankly for who he was as a human being did you continue and to focus on who he wants action center which when we were gonna you're crucial and or shall I don't commercial press writer. To remain silent route system and I suppose he's doing to Toronto today whatever comes forward and just talk about it and can be in the general census is what kind of man he was the most and that's really not could be on the table. There could be someone chest testify about the kinds of procedures used and he was using Roman and to accept him and Iran but I don't think we're reducing time to. Today we also heard from a cardiologist called by the state doctor Jonathan rich here's what he thinks holds. True Floyd died from cardiopulmonary. Arrest. He was caused by low oxygen levels. And those who low oxygen levels were induced. By the prone restraint. And positional asphyxiation that he was subjected to I can see with a high degree of medical certainty. Day two we're fleet did not die from a primary cardiac event. And he did not die from a drug overdose. And he's one of several medical experts to say that Floyd died in fact. From low oxygen and not from his heart condition or drug overdose do you think it cause of death is still an open question here anchor the defense still when the point illness. It's still a question to the extent that the defense and Syrians. To this point that we've heard only what the prosecution has put forward now. This particular to what witnesses this particular doctor how we all need to remember is really the heart doctor Robb case. For the prosecution to his job is to tell whether the heart itself. What's the reason for the death within our field under many different circumstances. And happy with us aren't you John Justin Justin originated was extremely helpful we'll see. The defense has a response. And today judge king hill refused to sequester the jury at this time even as a city song arrest over the police killing of Donte' right. What was that offense concerned about and you think that the judge made the right call here. Welcome to us what has happened a lot of concerns now problem I'm gonna try to pull back. Actress. There has been very very very little in the way of reviewing cross examinations. Bombshell testimony Norris. Kind of casting. You know and community discussion about. What's considered a trial we've been seeing especially the prosecution's case. The defense is not related to push earlier and institutions of the judges ruled today I think it's an amazing things who have been more difficult I think the defense is revered much so that they organized. Their son's case to the jury in Windsor wishlists. Robert to cello waste appreciate your time thanks much for talking with us. Pretty cute.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Attorney Robert Dicello analyzes the \"spark of life\" testimony from George Floyd’s brother, Floyd’s cause of death and the difficulty of the defense to \"push through\" the prosecution’s case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77033415","title":"Legal expert: George Floyd’s brother helped ‘humanize and give life’ to Floyd ","url":"/US/video/legal-expert-george-floyds-brother-helped-humanize-give-77033415"}