Gym Opens in Limelight Landmark

ABC News' Charli James takes a tour of David Barton Gym Limelight which is located in a landmark building.
20:10 | 03/03/16

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Transcript for Gym Opens in Limelight Landmark
Let's jump right into it right here in New York we have our own Charlie James. Out in the streets bringing us and very cool story she joins us live now from midtown Manhattan I theology tell us where you are excited about it. Story who got there it didn't hit third maybe fourth life. For a New York institution. That's right I'm here in Chelsea in New York City and behind me immediately Hannah up a little bit it is. What looks like a church it was originally a church and then it became CE stadiums nightclub. Limelight if you were a club kid in New York City in the eighty's and ninety's this one of these happen and spot at the lab here from. Michael Jackson and Jagger Madonna frequent and this place. It was known for its own parties as well and now it's seen another resurgent. Yeah. Iteration of a shopping centers that but now is in. He opened again as an aide David Barton ship that is being here where just about here and we're gonna go inside. And show without the gym and then later how a new restaurant that's open here. Are keeping not limelight Hudson. And the church touches something incorporating them with something new. We're entering here in this. Start it now is now in his art gym and isn't fun OK bell tower for the insurance. And they tell me that the bell tower is still working actually -- this is one of the more interesting. Entrances to a gym I've ever seen in the future and give you a a lot of us here it's. Really is a beautiful building up. Yeah Andy Katz. Much of the original all of the recent windows there's a couple of Tiffany stained glass. Here that show you as well we're about to turn DE a lobby for the gem. And we're going to meet with Kevin have a not he has been president of it and play and here he is now. Yeah happen to you can see in that beautiful stained glass behind. Behind us and I told them a little. Keeping. The Eaton touches of the church the windows won't times. Or about soon. This was that was it church for a donation to an episcopal church bomb and then over the years or ran 1970s. Church. I sold it and became a rehab song. And then in the eighties Peter station. Opened it as a nightclub called the limelight it's how it's cut its you know and the listening in the limelight. And it became Kenyon in the eighties the place QB. Thank heaven knows this first tenants at these it is. Tell me yeah. The time I hear I'm yet succeeded in Ramallah I was sure if it gets it was a lot of fun on the became you know. In the ninety and a 2000 recycle Avalon and then it became shops which never really took off. And our brand it was original location was right on the street at fifteenth street and sixth avenue. So we're always look at this place in this at this shopping with and working event this is what we have to make the champ because it has. It is what it's quintessential New York it is you know. That church to rehab the nightclub from what collecting its what are we are we here are some of branded as a nightclub you know lifestyle brand. Coming to work out what a fund energy music pumping lights lighting not a big threats and demining and let cool you know nightlife lightning. And that's where we kind of took only influences of what this was kept some and made it you know modernized its collective window behind me. All the windows in this town church where you're from England and 1850s. We kept those except for there to this one as a ticket window that was put in around nineteen. Concerts and original Tiffany we have one more typical Sears throughout the tour not as exuberant gorgeous we kept some church elements. Give some might like you know my nightclub elements and we sort of like the place coming out of the city it is happening please have come and have fun anywhere else. And snow we're gonna continue Kevin's gonna give us a little walk through and I'll try to see you might get some good stories out of the bums are sick as I mentioned a character like seven. Had an error or here's a look in the camera but the and I was being who he is running hobby that you government in the lobby and said yeah and some interesting. Feel like you're working out it's Harry yeah until heated frenzy and the more you need imitations I'm average. You can guns religion and sighs okay they have that all of that originally caught lightning. These two beautiful chandeliers from steam to make it. Pull up a little more metrics and asking about it and commitment that I can't help but limited church singing lesson is that Jesus sent us a good candidate however. We wanted bland and lovable that's really did it. Still you news. This wasn't yet he does and if you don't and its business you know people like Whitney Houston you know 56 cents on the New York dolls. Blondie. Snows of new locker Guns 'N Roses. If you're the you're bad you're alive you're ahead in the eighty's and ninety's you played here it was classic was like that's got to get quintessential New York not like. It wasn't hip hop it wasn't exactly makes it wasn't just one thing is every one place Kevin Rollins band's it was like pumpkin it was just amazing you. You name them they've played here. You as we walk through this Providence. So that starts. Now and let's little antenna and if you see any irony in. That is ancient culture currently playing club culture here at this location but New York in general as well. It's not a reason that's exactly what we do rear its its. You don't live we are essence of our brand is. To beat you want to have fun we wanted to let me you know. That means heavy kind of Jim that we have that we have what you'll see and her parents Campbell we have the weight of an athlete than to make any media happy. We are so we're also appeared to make everybody happy to get that eclectic mix. Get that makes them feel sick when you come to work he's she within its common just get all fired up and have a good time. There has so let's lock down and check out the city's. He does that have also been test from. The original it's been limelight. When does sing glass windows. As we come here is the need sure. Because there's one more layer down which which included in this war Thompson original club this visibility we were walking on a balcony. And you look back on the dance. This is now our hardest part are you know where you work out. In the people's Glenn is still there are just different different kind of got swept through and didn't CEO you'll see me in the hearing chairman manager. And I'm. In Atlanta athletic Pendleton and amassed. Yeah. I don't know at this things are working. We're like the church ends this is finally ended the club was actually three buildings. It was the real church home and I was Hezbollah sisters building which the confidence men in this natural rectory. And we take over home remarks soon so many churches are no we're good floor. We come over to the sisters buildings what were found or more. There are humans. Muslim renderings. The record the lottery but what should the rest of the ordinance CSX crossover here is our this is actually the original call the church its. Into the into the contest. I saw they are welcome revolves license. Walt it sensational. Just tell Kevin they think it's a great achievement in court on and it. One I think. What you'll want me about volts. It represents information that you yourself gondolas in the 1990s. You glitz and nightclubs it's what I sixteen you think its engines. I and you could basically using goats legitimate I don't skirts and you can its own little. And we'll call him. That you noted that it is building the Richard. Sony has given another lighting up we met in light image you like that. About thinking behind the lightning you. I. So they're asking about me the lightning here so it's not like many agendas which are often shines brightly limits yeah. So I didn't it is for people who have never seen lighting like that how does this work for and for Jim. Move one of one of our brand and apartment that is Q is. Her phone a lot of this lighting his original club I think you just when we took over 600 but some like molten fix things and and so we kept that original ruling makes them feel but what we do is a brand isn't that Big Sur resident track lighting which is frightening moments blowing. Because we really letting his people don't realize how important I think it's. We want to make you look. You can look at people with Jim president since your darkest and athletic than a comeback after undergoing looks much better and honors went and like lighting enhances how you look at how does here its texture smooth so much Jack glaring again as part of that that energy of healing let nightclub we have to dual weapon that Egypt is here that we have fugitives it is that you with energy it's not just like that bright glare it's looking good feeling you're looking to donate. It's missed. I'd Ali ask don't admonish now an interest. Yep ask that if anyone is yet unopened on him at night drunk and expecting to be a nightclub. Shout loud drunken night and day asking where those nightclubs and expect is still PS yeah they. Come out and adorned a derelict not to the usually doesn't interest was the other another door but they finally minor engines they want us there is we've had many people showed drunk going to dance I'm like yeah start its. Publicly until they yeah because they don't cover. I'm and JC. The dance and dance and anger among all the machines. Let's take a look at this button. The relic from the camera out. The yeah. Yeah. Yeah moving into the and is along back yeah. It's yeah. Yeah fish you know in the eighties though he didn't know. And in the back room and just. Built here with the German women's residence where it's Obama yeah. Yeah actually yeah. Cashman now there's. Six season. Ten assistant news. An independent so let's check out another segment. Those. He's our he's got quite a battle early voting that is likely still sometimes. Nobody I think early evening. A little bit a signal that we that's not hearing upstairs. Their we're gonna take you to another section right. How did you know these these old walls so yeah and spotting it lets them cellular activity here but they've got lifetime. And it and it it was saying hey we're in. Looking good now. Can't get so we're not gonna take you back to the locker rooms behind. For obvious reasons. But. Some people still show up it's looking for the club do you have members here though. Like yourself. Oh and how would how they feel that working out in places isn't standing still mourning the good. Third of our members. In a word and Chelsea residents here residents and were members here are came here to dance. They love they love coming here. It's hard disk instead of the classroom for the sort of a black I have challenged but welcome to the classical music to dance you know they've worked out. Miller community cartels we have DJ is that with everything at the restaurant business and eastern flank the music and Aaron. I really thought they love it here. And if you see this window behind us on the and it turns out but there's also show you this is because this might be the coolest places her on the treadmill let me turn their. And it's another Clinton like oh yeah. What parents can happen to find the same thing is that they would have not been any other Jim Wright isn't excitement got in the vehicles about the treadmills. Right though stairs and there's everything you. Want them honest and caring for pregnant and I unnoticed. Most people in new York and that's that you know machines and everything it interesting that you see Friday. Let's roll in old buildings. Wind snow and Texas spend your machines that you can plug your Smartphone insist. And it's an interesting mix. Things lined up not one of these. Now this is looking out over Iran and the lobbyists here. It's been a machine. You can run an imminent C a heart if anything we want. And on the news the Celtics. And they've found notably Google Maps it's different trails from around the world we'll armaments. You and it's. And now you're running and I think yeah. I don't think you need that in a. We'll get pregnant and I always love that. As you know modern. We'll bring it up than to the highest level of modern technology. I'm okay. And actually we've got a little demo that twelve Afghans to cement building you know what we know horse training company we have some of the best trainers. In the world you know that work for us. Continual education. Ditto it's how it's really important for us. We have our training and events and Chris have done here is training one of his client actually. I'm as you see yes we come down the stairs. If I thank my fifth and I haven't really. Imagine space and an old building like it if you not like they can expand and I wanna grow. Still. Have room and you members let me and they hate. That about how much caught actually joining. A gym like that Bradley that is awesome. Connection between dirt work and it. So a couple of question yeah it. Not this isn't a building where you didn't really you know knock down walls next Wednesday because he's worked in those days. Content signs. If one does is a landmark building its thanks so it was challenging had to you could not us it's the little bit of several. Bringing. Versions of the students lords of the layouts of where everything's being pressed to come up with Saddam. An architect of the design team what was aware. As it is because it is we're having Johnson walked through some places we think of that hiring Jim Taylor clearly an area come you have to like make sure all. Flowed well and living in what's really important for us imagine having been on them. So the whole time we design that was keeping and I didn't use the equipment. How they use development so the flow would be yeah there would have picked it really good work that's primarily what we want what they haven't read more about. He's in shape that's our primary responsibilities. And yet it was challenging an excellent come up with Atlanta. And so if someone wanted to either membership in the living around here where it's at having their visits yeah. What sort of right finally looking and. Membership Barry's been given lectures if your bank training is not thrilled 130 pounds on average amounts of us. They ask yourself the data comes trying to sound businesses you know this infamous. Famous buildings. And we'll look at who wants permanence is that we will don't wanna get overcrowded were having given my sense it is good balance. Serenity and just let people that are getting through. And those speaking of the training we have put his trainers here I'm so I'm attendants ground and let Chris. It's like Chris. Showed us a little bit of the trading here. We didn't England's window behind me so. Again today and uninsured and Finland. So flustered. And of the pain. We ministers. Chris how do you like trading in Ellis isn't. And do you find it in not hard to even attract clients. To comment any further session. Inspired. It reality. My evenings either. Thank you. Little look at what let train personal training looks like any church gem church such help with the us setting. And thanks Kevin. Thanks so much or I think giving us a tour of and very cool that David Barton gym has had so many of the of the points. I'm touch points for both litmus chin nice idea of church and eighth his story. Nightclub. That was here. And must be so smoltz adverse yeah. Members you're came here as one of us plus kids. Incidents in last really did little literally yeah it was here is that eighties and now here's and decent running it it's so much money let him get better so I'm blessed. The didinger look at. I'm not and then Richard nuts as for the gym or just over whether it was accidentally announced a new restaurants do it. They say thanks so much you. Things are gonna take you couldn't eat restaurant that just opened a couple months ago and in another section. Carnegie. The old lime light stuff I was taking it down SE Chris S Trenton this fox normally. Open for public bus ticket to easily get between and here's another one of those schools. Even look at showing Israel Israel. I have united pulling this bona Clinton sent. There's a little bit of the limelight shops left the game more accidents than others line. These here. Hands as we step outside. Slug it can come back up big your outside. Let's give Charlie a chance to reconnect and we'll check back there's still a lot more at eight.

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