Liz Carmouche. Marine and UFC Trailblazer

UFC Bantamweight fighter Liz Carmouche on her transition from the U.S. Marine Corps to MMA fighter.
3:27 | 11/20/13

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Transcript for Liz Carmouche. Marine and UFC Trailblazer
The pack I think for me has been relatively easy. I know for other people they struggled bets -- off with one martial -- going to but I just children. And for me I think that it was where I'm supposed to do because all the pieces on the place is exactly the right time. And if anything you change in the Elena anytime I would -- today first time going in I was sparring its professional fighters guys had titles in damage is done in their recklessly -- this is really something when you. -- -- -- whatever you say it came out bloodied up clothes torn and messed up just -- -- and I knew something I want to you know. And I figured if I can take different from these guys -- just be that the best. Then I knew that -- in the right place. For the most part everybody's been really accepting I haven't gone through a lot of the difficulties as far as in my. My MMA career. Other people I think have experience they new -- when I came in he would -- that is very open. And I was RD out I made sure the -- out of Marine -- after having to. Hold that back and -- in the closet and Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. Did when I got out -- that was never something was industry and the results for someone to be I tried to from the get go. Whether -- remove all -- are just not hiding that I had a girlfriend raised dating someone. So I think that most of the fans are on board and if not then bill the states -- mine and that's. They're free will billions of I didn't drink for from a different reasons one I was looking for direction my life up until that point I'd been training at a school back in the Portland college -- -- And that of all the branches the green Christmas without me. That people my life Emma took up to the most were Marines and they epitomize everything I wanted to be. My mission which is set to fix helicopters -- -- make sure that at no point did we had a helicopter that it could -- -- engine emissions and the deal. And my third tour I was fortunate he would go -- this program. And these -- to an infantry unit angle patrols indexes to talk to the people. And go into the courtroom really -- -- was. It seems like the Marine Corps. Has fallen off like itself whole separate life that existed in the past. And the transition in some ways it was really easy because. The entire time as an inquiry never lost touch with lights I think a lot of people struggle that's when they get on the Marine Corps they don't know how to be -- person. They only remember -- to be marine and they don't know -- to transition to real world. For me I made sure that every moment that I had I was lose again and I remember who that was so I got a green course for -- -- -- what aspects. -- never really transfer for the Marine Corps insists -- life. But for the most part -- finding enemy -- -- it's been accepted me with open arms -- veterans -- -- My goal is always be number one. I always come gunning for the title -- he chipped -- that's what I plan might be best of the best perfectionist. An -- to be the best that so that means being number one world.

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{"id":20950292,"title":"Liz Carmouche. Marine and UFC Trailblazer","duration":"3:27","description":"UFC Bantamweight fighter Liz Carmouche on her transition from the U.S. Marine Corps to MMA fighter. ","url":"/US/video/liz-carmouche-marine-ufc-trailblazer-20950292","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}