Local DC Charity Organizes Operation Christmas Miracle

ABC News' Kenneth Moton meets the volunteers at Central Union Mission who are making sure children in need are getting gifts this holiday season.
13:36 | 12/16/16

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Transcript for Local DC Charity Organizes Operation Christmas Miracle
Cannot vote your with ABC news digital lives hello everyone and IE and Matt operation Christmas miracle. And if found knife I'm here in Washington DC our nation's capital where something special is happening right now as an organization gets ready for. On that effort that will help so mean he. Children and those children who are in need the less fortunate and I want to show you something here you can kind of see it right behind me. Death. Adjuster eyes this is room. Lose and rows and rows in even more rows of yes presents gifts. For children who would not have a thing for Christmas but were not for this group here at central union mission. Right now we are actually located it is rural Baptist Church in northeast DC on this churches opened its doors or for this incredible. Effort being led by this mission group that has been doing this for quite some time. And we're gets more information about that in just a moment but as when a show you exactly the the work that's being put in here actor. So many organizations businesses and people individuals who come together to support this cause I'm to give. Hundreds. On an exact number 2000. Children I'm less fortunate who again we're not have anything that is actually something. I'm adamant and that's being led by central union mission organization that's been around for quite some time. I'm four more than a century here in Washington DC I'm gonna walk or words you with this incredible group of women here. Who have donated their time their violent years. Who are on. Packing bags in gifts for children who will receive all of this. On Saturday. That's when the big giveaway here at Israel Baptist Church what happen. And guess what look we've got another row and grow and grow and grow up more gifts that this these back that are fueled with. A thick a quick look here. I don't want to give it away. For some of the kids were to Republicans that we've a basketball. We doubt the Basque politics a year we got some hot wheels. I would look bad at the cute right there we've got some calls. Just a number of things here and it's is not. It's not just always that this organization will provide. An a spot I'll look written more about that. Right now with one of these organizers hey guys. Right here there are over here how I am erupting here. Freight become on down the streets darkened with central union mission who's gonna take me a little bit of its work. The tricky comment we've got here and tell me. Who working with central U mission. Why they're essentially union mission for about eight years so this is my eighth Christmas here. So I'm really excited to be help in the kids without children all the way from infancy after the age of seventeen. Well the gap credible yeah I'm Camille Little about the mission. So the mission's been around since 1880 courts start off that they are helping homeless veterans. But then they also start helping children who are orphans. And so from there they've been doing Christmas gifts for gas over 7080 years now. So I. I'm curious how are you guys are working to the anyway it's not just work to date you guys have been doing this. Leading up to debts for quite some time as well. Yeah I gas so we also have a warehouse where we help family is so we have children there as well. With food clothing and furniture so it's year round or helping the family picking through walked me through here where we have here when the pokes around ethnic and the. What we have here in Holland you guys been working this morning. While we've actually started collecting Christmas gifts in November. But we've been sorting all week matter warehouse and now we've brought him over to be on organized for the effects Maher house overlooking that. Close to 500 children I'll be here tomorrow alone. I know the goal here is to help. Children so tell me about that children who will be helped I know they're. Children in need came with the need disadvantage and less fortunate only about them. Yeah so all the children that we help have come from low income families. So some of you know have fathers that are president or don't have a father at all some of them live with their grandma. So it's a variety of circumstances that we see the children face stains so we're glad that we can be a bright spot for them. I knew you meant to map bright spot what does it mean to you personally. Well making a difference in someone's life is always meaningful. So when you see a smile on the kids phase you know especially at Christmas time you know you've done something and a to help them out and to remember this Christmas is just always or is that something else will be more. Calmly just gift cards that we also give out to the families that they can buy clothing for the kids as Weller she used we do have some by expect here to you that we're going to be given to some. Some children so. You know we tried it to help out in a variety of ways. You know I I look at the Tories and as you meant to talk about the clues and other things that. Because it is more about the presents itself it's about putting clothes on these children's backs right re absolutely so we encourage donors to provide gift cards that the parents can do that for the accountants who what are we seeing right now. So right now we're just organizing the bags by number. We've given every child in ID numbers so that way winners. Making sure everyone's accounted for tomorrow so when they come there's no missing bags the you've done this before I'm eager. Right. If the world or oversee and I'm sure glad. I wonder what is it like when you see there's kids. You know it's great because this being my eight year I've grown up with some of these kids I mean they've been coming year after year or so. It's a relationship now that we Philippines children with the parents. So it's so great to be able to to see them and encouraged and just remind them that they haven't been forgotten. That is. You know what you guys are not the only one there are organizations across the country. And I think this weekend is the week and I thought a lot of that work is done because where what. Just a little more than a week away from Christmas and so. To know that you're one of so many that are are doing this God's work and at an out you're helping children what does that mean for you. For me personally it just means that burn taxing someone's life in a way it mean have been touched. And to do it in the you know. In the name of of Christ and to be military mind people. You know they're not forgotten and that there's more to life than just a gap. You know the love. You know we love them only care about them so. We're happy to do that in and be able to be apart an act. Tracy thank you so much or owners appreciate it let's just some more. Work being done here and let the mayor really getting involved here they've. I was sect an island that hand I was sect. I doubt that it's quick equipment in my and I let pilots somebody's back here. And Iowa for our live streaming of it. These are just some of the women here who live in this community were part of this community who are. Who were helping. Do little work let's take a look and listen while they do little but work in there we're gonna speak with. Miss Deborah chambers also with central U mission to talk about. You know other upcoming events for this mission and for the work being done here. They. Not just yet. When did it. Include Goldman. When he won. That's what England. What are some of the things you got the pack through four. War. One hero. So they had two tech. Wolf but. The little learning nineteenth and there. Unfold. This sort of the thirteen year. He has a basketball or football. Commitment focal. He has it's going to be a very happy their two year old there. What eight in the form of. This is going to be the make sure thing. Confessed to throwing fats and won't for the current quarter gain. I think that's pretty special. Thanks for giving me a look I appreciated. I guess. I won't we won't or at Kenneth over the ABC news that the let's walk over here to. Deborah chambers that are hate that right Barry Diller and Adam. Banks were chatting with a walk with real villain too little bit more in the light here. But a little bit about your involvement in involved with the commission will have been its entry union mission for nine years now. And I oversee the development and community engagement here. Count me about this effort and what goes into. Well this is really a community outreach effort the mission has been involved in children's programming for over 75 years. Ended this is an Al groh. Taking care of children during the depression. And they were in our care and so we head to provide them with Christmas gifts at Christmas Christmas time for this goes Foley back to the Great Depression. Ed during the Great Depression families were unable to take care to children so they brought into the mission to art camp and we took care of them. And when famines were ready to get back from their feet they came back about their children while but until then we took care of them we fed them we school them. And we haven Christmas gifts at Christmas time while. So the mission has. Really survived a number of things from the Great Depression. I'm I I saw women suffering its they help they've gone through a crazy periods of this country here in the nation's capital. Civil rights movement. They've been there rewards and you guys have been there through the entire time. That's right we were founded right at. Dirk crisis the mission is 132 years old and we were founded right after the civil war when homeless veterans were wandering the muddy streets of the district. They decided subjects got together and decided to opt put together a centrally located union a church is to take care almost neighbors and that's what we've done. And we've evolved to services that include like I said children. Based how many to the community. Your nonprofit group you rely heavily on the generosity of others donations from others tells a little bit about that. Yeah we we liked to hold toll upon the generosity of others. We're up final one C three and we're privately funded so it's individual donations all of these gifts. Are gathered in donated by individual people some corporations some businesses some churches pulled together. But this is totally. That generosity of people that care about. Families that are struggling to survive. We to a financial means assessment on the people that we provide toys too to make sure that we serve it people that are living at or below the poverty level. So this really has a huge impact we have families that have that you sometimes between pain a bill that by the Christmas gift. So we're able to at. Except for them so they don't have to. Make the children suffer that's Tracy and I'll ask you what do they mean when you're gonna feed those fat children tomorrow Saturday. Yeah received unity rally these gifts are close to put on their backs. Well it just means it's you've made a difference in somebody's life you know Christmas is such a special time for so many different reasons. And sometimes we have the idea that everybody gets a Christmas get everybody has a great time a Christmas and that's just not true. And children. If anybody else has a great time children should have a great timing Christmas in so doing this helps us to ensure that there's one last count that local without a toy at Christmas. If Traci years been here for several years now I think you'll be doing it again next year will blow whilom will be right fake here next year. Are you so much I really appreciate it thank you for chat with me good luck. As you give away the so much tomorrow hey can at mode here again with ABC news digital is has been a treat cure to show you got exactly. What's been happening here in DC and I only had EC oven mitts and their organizations across this country we're getting ready this weekend to provide. Toys clues who. Two families in need to children in need to those who would have a thing this Christmas that we're not. For groups like this on like central union mission here in DC. They are providing. So much for families that need it so again cattle ABC news digital bit has been your sneak peek at. Some charitable and just amazing. Good hearted folks who were just doing so much. Reporting live here in DC I cannot mode and take care.

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{"id":44248061,"title":"Local DC Charity Organizes Operation Christmas Miracle","duration":"13:36","description":"ABC News' Kenneth Moton meets the volunteers at Central Union Mission who are making sure children in need are getting gifts this holiday season.","url":"/US/video/local-dc-charity-organizes-operation-christmas-miracle-44248061","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}