Long Island police crack down on porch pirates with Amazon Ring partnership

The smart doorbell has faced scrutiny from lawmakers over privacy concerns.
3:48 | 12/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Long Island police crack down on porch pirates with Amazon Ring partnership
Well if this season for giving and unfortunately it's also the season for taking. We are all doing more and more shopping online especially during the holidays that really ramps up lit their busy lives. And it's conveniently. Just click and pot. Fortunately. Any new innovation. Aaron knows who take advantage that. Courts pirates. Are on the rise to these are the east swipe packages from Amazon that you Padilla. From FedEx from wherever you're not stop. From fourth front doorstep. Home surveillance technology might bring or else. Are serving as a deterrent and county police department is teaming up with being worked out for a new collaboration crackdown on pirates. We're the last minute county with historic crime problems and that is thanks but are minutemen court. So today we want to increase awareness to give you some advice I'll let you know what's happening out there and to announce this new collaboration between America. There's a three neighbors asked. By rain that's designed to help communities connect and stay informed. Whether or not users have a ring or out so I'm going to ask commissioners he's teach him about his collaboration with. It. Good morning. There's just certain taxes act without announcing the lawsuit with rain and with that many of every products. The first thing up we're going to announced possibly been put out. And they can't yet do not happen on human prop up the plot of an issue that you can go along with it rain but want to ringside. Access and it would app and you receive information with the union it crime. We also on that note also receive that information. We will use that act without tips and give information back to the communities they're also aware that what law enforcement to see. The second bought with the law enforcement what a usable products must not use our network is being crime occurs in a community. Will get that area with a geo fence area. We will send it to the ring law enforcement portal will tell me product is gay and it's time. That they can see how many captives were activated and three. It will send an email out those people in net fuel that's it. He comes directly from rate. Will send the ring ring sense that a customer we do not have access to your accounts. And was sent to you that you have to opt in to huge annual video telling you that last night these days. It was a crime in your area if you want Losman is asking what you resistance. You don't always act which would likely shift at it you wouldn't want what's. All they had it was pushed a button yes and well if they say yes and putting what all the value out and send it. Detective and an act case in in Tulsa where is more succulent and she it properly when neat. No time. We have privacy and your information given us admitted it but you the right to opt out anytime. But the beauty of this it's going to make this police are more effective and more efficient. Well don't be able to allow him get that video it was a lot is that all it camp Edwards. And and it wants that you can't back Lewis will quickly analyze it shutting down. Right now no one crime spree in Nassau County as you just in the exact his knows what artists. And those that seems to break into vehicles lost he's from what else. Most of these crimes get solved because of the information that we these different camps from the door opening it now be much more fast.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"The smart doorbell has faced scrutiny from lawmakers over privacy concerns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67495021","title":"Long Island police crack down on porch pirates with Amazon Ring partnership","url":"/US/video/long-island-police-crack-porch-pirates-amazon-ring-67495021"}