Longest Serving Female Prisoner Free on Parole

Betty Smithey granted clemency after serving 49 years in Arizona State Prison for murder.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for Longest Serving Female Prisoner Free on Parole
-- -- had more time in prison than any other woman in the American prison system. Now that -- -- title will go to someone else thanks to a ruling by the clemency board. He's been grandly. They -- the thanked the clemency board for the freedom she has not felt since prison bars closed behind here almost fifty years ago. She was just pastor -- with a history of mental illness when she killed a toddler she'd been hired to baby -- Earlier she told the board how and why she began to turn her life around. The inspiration was a letter from the mother of the baby she killed. Nineteen years after the murder the child's mother for gay ever. Along a lot of supporters testified she has turned her life around. From friends and relatives she has loving relationship with despite prison walls. From the psychiatrist who says Smith the is -- mentally -- that she displayed years before. To the -- of a professor -- represented her for 41. For 49 years in prison. I feel terrific -- edited -- this is probably the best day of my professional life. Becky Wilson is the niece who will take Smith the home and help her adjust to a world very different from the one she'd left. In 1963. What's it been like for you through this whole process when he saw there was some hope. And then you -- after that hearing -- Saudia. Actually to be honest I had faith from the start when we first heard that -- -- having the initial hearing is I was just in -- relaxed atmosphere -- I did I just. I had it's time. I had faith that it was going to happen. One person who might have applauded Betty Smith he's released was not here at the prison to see it. The woman whose child Smith he killed the woman whose letter of forgiveness said Smith the on the road to repentance and release. Died ten years ago. It was prison -- Craig Smith -- on nine Garcon.

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{"id":17004073,"title":"Longest Serving Female Prisoner Free on Parole","duration":"3:00","description":"Betty Smithey granted clemency after serving 49 years in Arizona State Prison for murder.","url":"/US/video/longest-serving-female-prisoner-free-parole-17004073","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}