Loni Love discusses her upcoming gig as host of Essence Fest

The comedian talks comedy, 'The Real' and hosting Essence Fest
22:15 | 04/19/19

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Transcript for Loni Love discusses her upcoming gig as host of Essence Fest
It can't easily and ABC radio Al and I am always excited to be here but I'm excited today because I have the town. And sitting right across enemy. Have you won the only money are you don't think candy I am. Excellent today in New York co love it yeah ads and we are happy to have you because you're doing a million things to let John know the Emmy award winning. OK she's not only a comedian as he's an actor is CDs and all our yeah this thing. T action. Who about the plot and witness upcoming at since fat. Yes he will be hoping the 25 annual essence fat. He and his. Are the main states. This July 4 week Ian I am so excited and people that never advance in essence that's. You really have to experience says is two things you have the daytime fast the vote. Which is at the convictions and it is a wonderfully bit airs empowerment cinema seminars economic seminars. A celebrity. Appearances. As has the feel good time and then and I we. Green knights of wonderful come artists over eighty artist. That S as is holding meet. Holds a whole shebang so I got a lot of staff up my sleeve of course about a week changes and our constant changes. There will be hurricanes every night I want to have a good time I want everybody else come in have a good time. Now it wasn't enough I mean clearly. You got your ticket now. Let's talk about it because as you mentioned the only such an important time in the fact that you are. The first. Email to hold have to sell many Malone Bryant insists. Amazing that the be able to have you looked such a great and fun person to do that and it. Right parts and arsenic compound with the air out out ethnic have a best time I think public any apprehension because again this is at a seminal a year end. Will what your immediate thought let me ask you mean were you nervous in any way mean what you do. Now I've been wide seen an avid wanted to essence fest for over five years and I've seen all of my brother's a comedy holes I've seen Steve Harvey. Nephew timing of seeing Roy wood's. Eddy it was funny because. I am I was working in sometime capacity via. And it's always been sucked up by DH and so when they asked me they said they wanted to shake it up and do something different I was like okay are you sure. The N they were like of course wish you are and when I when it was announced. Right act taxes and and seeing that they couldn't be happier for me they were really excited from. They helped me out bass and we doing comedy passively do we help each other out is a community and those is going to be a good time yes now I can only imagine what you have up his sleeves are what get under way rip it up. First of Bach. SS takes over the whole city of New Orleans. So this time there's going to be here in different here radius ostrich sells all around the whole Sadie that you did five things about economics on this Clinton bimbo like. Excellence awards. There's going to be beauty and things like that you also have screenings there different types of shows like insecure of the real lives acts. Essence fest so you have all of the happen mean within the city the end during the day. At become Ventas and it they have this wonderful. Com. I'd sat out of shells where you have a stages. And each stage presents something different and is actually Ramallah by sponsors like Coca-Cola and Wal-Mart AT&T. They have different stages for it and you have celebrity appearances you have as Irene. You have informacion that you really can use. And so that's all during the day so even if you don't want to go to the concert a night would you going to be miss amount. You steal have a good time during the day then there's also the food experience. That we are part two so it's like it's. A whole week yet. All of enlightening. Well of enjoyment full of party you know and so that's why I always say I'd I haven't missed the essence passed since I've been to the first one. And Seles is is just full circle for meek a whole state because I'm sullen level answers on solo but the with a hold single what Richie who Dennis is doing a Maceo com banks and Michelle Ebanks is doing as far as making. Women of color is something that I think we forgive at their sights are large. Big world. And that black women can be a part of it I'm economically. Spiritually and inspirational. Solved with all of bassinet. That is what you've. Essence fest that's why so important to come down an experience that you didn't never bid does come down is not what you see a girl's trip. Gross troupe gave you a little taste but. There's so much more and they keep building on and Ford to be the 25 anniversary. It really is awesome and meet Mary. LB you have for rail and have her. And he would you have the little super allowances on the side so you have like the super down did you have little super lounges would be. Up and coming artists. I'm going Accuray I can't holes because I'm going to be on the main stage. But this is the type of being that's happening in essence essence communique suit has not because of rich blue Dennis yes. And felt angry and I'm outlook than it they'd give the last. Not a legitimate but I I mean like she said it's going to be missed the every day live big read Randi badly and I you know before you let go you've got a guy. Our that you. And let go some hot. Beyoncé reading hey beyoncé rated above we have the original. Frankie Beverly who actually may be and we jam to it. And is like every night is a different rights who I wanna say with the music even during the day. Always different. And that's a part of an and as you so eloquently said you know it's more than just girls to because that would like that I am you now dry summer and everybody came here I was cited the it. But does he you know it's not just the one year I think so definitely that that it is now out court. Two essence there is something out that's kind of amazing that happens here in New York called the beauty carnival again. Hobbits from April 2728. In New York that would accompany the Big Apple just dabble in the some of the things essence you can applicant part of that could be appeared 36. All kind of pain so go down there to the carnival. Absolutely and you know among Eagles many many things that we're going to be able to capture an essence and you're going to be hosting and is doing its main. I mean I'm part of all of how busy does Lonnie love it. Because as you seen her on television she is one of the Caldwell of the Rio was she did kids and given it to at. So we are dabble in that fourth active for you know I you. FL. UI's recently acted a may be delayed for just a hard working put it how is it being. Honored in that way for something that I'm sure you love to do any way you know out we does Lyon are second in a ACP image award. And it's I'll weigh it never gets old it's always a pleasure to know that. You know it was voted on by the fans in the fans of the viewers love a so much that they want to give us that. So that never gets old and now we're up for five daytime Emmy Awards and starry it was a little show that he would envy would make it any that it is steadily evolves and as elites those longing and now we're becoming a part of the culture where you know we get the hot as gas rounds season. We will have season six next season. And you know but in season five we grew a lot. More importantly. For advise as co host. Give it to express our sales in the wake and that you know we want to but we do it in a respectful way and we also. Have the viewer. It says involve me of the show has started one way and now is evolving into something totally different. Just carries what and the best part of being one of the re alcohol what has been the most challenging thing. I think the best par for me. Is being able to talk about. Events that other cells won't talk about and to bring on people that normally wouldn't be in the day times hates. Like little daddy we just had him come more united he he came straight from Coachella. He de he has hair wasn't slowly he started opt. Come in with this who argued go to my as a Graham to see it it was hilarious and I was like you gotta take a bit off mean this on live TV. He's like well I hear Linda as it's taken that I. Did he doesn't it takes about Pamela gray ugly you. Every other dead cells don't promote. We were the first people to have accused. It's from bracket and now look at odder things that they're doing their produce and movies AMP ala south. We will the first person did we would press press map sterling K brown become more of this is that being so. We kind of. Because there's so much going on. You have to. So for example. Com did it note Saddam. When it was Burney. I'm so we you know it's a but the slide here it. There are three African American churches that are burning. And we need to raise money for a dim as well as that so aside it's things like that. That can be dipped absolutely. One thing that ended at all U is yellow lab and I. And I don't know about it. Love and it's so interesting because. Stop you know as I as a viewer ads ads as somebody who's been watching. You know have this thing about like. Anybody. I did all amazing to see you just shall the world that it's okay to be. The in the nab with this and then all this goodness. That's on that it means. If it's okay with you act. I'm just happy for eager were all happy for US let any of and I just outweigh. What's happening in the world and that's how I've always be it. I have always kept my personal like. Private client at the time it was at a midday light one person so maybe this president president person that person. But now when I decided to do is date warm person. Through it is to grant and that reminds like all my guy because there's so surprised it. How he globes and AM and bigger surprise of the fact that we. Actually like hanging out and begin a long and we do all these crazy fun different pains but that's always been me sell. I just find that it's it's Israeli very sweet at the viewers of that fans are so happy for me but is also giving a lot of women hope. Com older women you know some many of them. Hired texting and tweeting me sitting mean this to say you know maybe I'll go back and try and an end it didn't try to find some by mean try to date begin in. Asked what I want ask I was supposed to be Wii is firing each other we should be aspiring need to Abbott as well it Basilan is doing this you know I'm a good it would. You don't furlong time because this now we met on at around we've been dating since ideas and com. He did even know who I really was. And he didn't allow was because he you know as bodies remain an eighty's he has is own business and that he does also does some act in. And so we were taught dean. And when Alan Mintz in all I that come resell he's not alone is like a little open Mike or someone that he actually did not know why wasn't I thought was really cool. And so he really didn't I am who I last until I went to a premier. And that was it we have been talking on the phone. And an eye deciding you know I'm gonna have us me. I wanted to public place I say it will premiere will be great because of I don't Micah Micah dates Jimenez a bunch of people are your loss is someone like that. So was the port had pepper bit premier. It was. It was Jennifer Garner its movie and I had to walk the red carpet and he met me at the beginning of the recovered at their message that I gotta do this real quick now meets at the end of the red carpet he was like. Ari walking to cover it well you have a line in the movie does not now has got to walk Kerr theater I exile. So he kind of question ebony Deaton gates who want the bill we went to who saw the movie went to a that the premiere party. It at the premiere party people from the movie to come announce an eagle at money you know. I love you on the reel it. You could see when the first person came he was listening to you could see his face giants cousy was like. And in the next person and an ex president admitted hit him no real scenes the girl but it never hit him until one. And that that was so cool and it was also weak. And ever says Dan woods has been hang an out and everything and I tell images taken time you'll find me and at the bar you go Bynum led them. Grocery stores in the bottom on mine and Mimi you just have to take your time and find the right one. Now one of the things that I or call you can correct me if I'm wrong insane. And seat. You need to be Mary for Earth Day kids enjoy your life whether you thing million knack. Possibly in a fugitive. And that I like do you think though I lie you know I don't think I've. Marriage is good if you want to have a family. And I'm some people can't do that. And James is it at a point where. He has been taken care for itself his key is are grown so I just see as began together but is just too soon to talk about back. I don't I fly eight DN does my good about my goal behind me and you know Kurt Russell and I'll try it it's funny because. We met him we went to an event and met Diana might seeds and they've been together they had been married living together for years and since you know. It's interesting they say that because it's like you're telling him. But had he been trying to. Now how now knocked. He's he's I can't act. A. You you also get them. Reason that is wanted to touch on briefly because I I feel like. The new cycle you know we're ABC news hear the news cycle has been covering the does his wallet. Or it's and you recently spoke to him. And I know that you mentioned that you know he's got to address everybody soon and in some way shape or form. Just curious to your conversation. And obviously the feedback from a lot of people people are very skeptical though very skeptical on do you think at this point. He deserves another chance we we we need to hear what do you say like what what he what are your thoughts on that in. Do you do you wholeheartedly believe everything that he attacked from the beginning you know did that conversation and I. Have in hand and I it our our waste Arkansas are saying he wanted me to. Tweet out that we has well. Everything. I don't know win he's going to speak. But after having a conversation with him we spoke for about an hour and a half was very candidate was Vieri out Rodgers very emotional. I told him you know people need to hear. You know your version of the story I'd steal believed that people wanna hear that imprisoned and I sent out my its weak people actually was I eat now. We never hear from him we still palm are rooting for him we still support him right now he's losing you know dot. Com. People don't realize he was working on projects. And you know now he's Lou. Reason last sympathize with him as 'cause I was put in the position where you know I could last week. And I was lied on an end and people who's made assumptions. Would also mean in this store we don't really Null the true fat. When he said was he sits in meat I'm light you know what you need to say that to someone you need to do you need to do an interview. I might I don't care when Cooley duel would just do it. Solve you know I'm trying to encourage him to speak out. He of course is welcome to come on the real William the whole hour you know Al Gore's goal somewhere where you can this be your true. And you know because right now the charges have been dropped is like the case never happen. You know maybe he will never speak on May be of this hopes a deal does go away and. I do believe that. When people hear what he has to say in making you know some best skepticism. Will be yeah me. Everything that I had with him has always won best. I just couldn't fathom what was going on I don't know ham don't realize the reason why. When I was at the NAACP awards went Chris Rock made good show. AN. After Chris round make a joke. Black and swine for best comedy yeah obviously he'd eat you know made her stay was his and I stand woods and would just seek because. It just seemed we now we lie well I mean. Out many of his whole family. So you know when he hobby he was in Hawaii with his family. And it's like people aren't are just search and they still are searching for answer. I give a sofa sat to meet debt Jesse give us sofa sat and so it was you need deciding it was walk away deep down when it. But you gonna have to say it one day if you don't stay in his industry to meet you his eyes are asked Emily Blunt do what you do is never not answer the plastic. So you don't buy it. Which may sequester calamity do it if he had hobbies up right and that was one of my first questions is that it just. Like from the man that I've X. Encountered an interviewed and talked to I just could wrap your mind around it so in any case I really do hope he. He somehow manages to clear the air live I think we all want to feel that alleviated as well I've gone on now stuck happy and he is privately talking to people and he's gaining some. You know advice an. I think you know knowing him. Classics that's good to hear there's not only good to hear. And it's good hair. That he and you laugh. I hate it this law man. Will be rocking on is a need to us again and apple. Oh I'm so happy for you it is going to be phenomenal year at yeah I haste. Redundant electors live and on. Exit holiday is legal does have a good times and when everybody come on out. July 4 week in in New Orleans essence festival you know is going to be great you know be. Yet with Wesley WB yeah. Good you are. Heck yeah and you so much money different the last yeah. Thank you pretty annual prelude to make its so easy now. We are still excited this year for Lonnie love to hold the 28 annual essence lead gets a ticket but yeah. And of course is inflame signing off ABC radio.

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