Los Angeles may see the same number of COVID-19 cases as New York City

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti talks about the uptick in cases.
3:44 | 03/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Los Angeles may see the same number of COVID-19 cases as New York City
We're back now with those eerie drone images of a near-silent Hollywood. Los Angeles mayor Eric garcetti says his city is 6 days to 12 days away from seeing the same kind of covid-19 numbers as here in New York City. Mayor garcetti, thanks for being with us. As your city now continues to fight the spread of this virus, what would you say is your biggest challenge right now? I think our biggest challenge is what we're all facing, making sure we have testing, so we know how widespread this is. To get equipment and people in our hospitals and caring for those folks who are on the front lines and also, of course, just making sure we know that indeed people are all staying at home but we're seeing good data coming forward that people actually are listening. I know the exceptions get on the news, the people crowded the beaches this weekend. By and large we have seen extreme adherence to this. Which is great sign, those empty streets are a little bit haunting but they're also very much warming and reaffirming to us that this is working. Also unfortunate, a teenager from L.A. County is one of the latest victims to die from covid-19, so this is an opportunity for you to send a message to young people in your city. Absolutely. This is a virus and ultimately, then an infliction that will take anyone. It doesn't matter whether you're old, it doesn't matter whether you're a senior, whether you have pre-existing conditions or not. We know there's greater vulnerability for some people but there's the potential for anyone to lose their life. My plea to my city has been very strong -- you can be a first responder, you can save a life, but your selfishness can also take a life of somebody that you love, a neighbor, a parent, or a grandparent, so please, please make sure that during this time you're adhering 100% to our stay at home order. We think that message is getting out. With influencers. And with young people they look up getting that message out. Not only for your own protection. But for others. This death is a wake-up call for many people as well. We heard from president trump who said he'd like, he wants the economy back open by Easter, so as he says, the churches can be packed, is that a reality for Los Angeles? I'd just like your reaction to what president trump has asked for. It won't be a reality here in Los Angeles, and as much as I'd love to share his hope and optimism I don't want to crush people's spirits either, we're asking a lot of people and for me, I keep listening to the public health professionals and the science and the data, and looking at a what happened around the world, there's no scenario here where we're not in this scene for at least a couple of months. We have to ready ourselves for that. And I'm focused on helping those who are least and lost, our homeless folks, folks out of work now to get them food, to get them the cash payments that luckily the stimulus bill will now bring, but also to make sure that all of us are lending a hand. I think that people at the beginning of this thought it would be chaos and unrest. Crime is down. Generosity is up. Adherence is almost universal. These are the rays of life through the dark clouds. But don't expe to be back to normal in couple of weeks. This is truly the new normal. Thank you for those rays of hope, we can all use them. Mayor Eric garcetti, tnk you so much for joining us. And stay well. Thank you. You've been amazing voice. Thanks so much. Thanks.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti talks about the uptick in cases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69791853","title":"Los Angeles may see the same number of COVID-19 cases as New York City","url":"/US/video/los-angeles-number-covid-19-cases-york-city-69791853"}