Louisiana Deputies Killed: Two Suspects Charged With Murder

Seven suspects were arrested and charged in the fatal shooting of two police deputies.
3:00 | 08/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Louisiana Deputies Killed: Two Suspects Charged With Murder
It's the violent anti government sovereign citizens movement that multiple law enforcement agencies not connected with the investigation believe. Fuel Thursday's ambush. These suspects accused of murdering two police officers in critically injuring two others are no strangers to run ins with the law. At least wind won -- in three other states. -- -- -- -- 1128 year old -- -- was living in Beatrice Nebraska. Gage county -- -- Gustafson says your local led deputies high speed chase in Kansas before crashing and taking off on foot. He was wanted for terrorist threats on citizens and police officers. Later that month Marshall county Kansas authorities are also looking for your local on felony flight charges they considered him armed and dangerous in warned anyone against taking him into custody alone. Earlier this year your local popped up on the wheezing and -- law enforcement radar now with the Smith family. On -- 42 DeSoto parish sheriff's office started watching how he local Terry -- and Brian Smith after several tips from concerned citizens. We have Michelob novelist Carl that they -- actually would. -- -- -- Some -- all around for partial -- alone weapons. Another person polish an amount -- -- -- -- around several rounds of ammunition and at least to strip and west of fort accountable. Pistols. And some other weapons. Two weeks earlier DeSoto sheriff's office lieutenant Robert Davidson tells news two Terry Smith applied for a federal firearms license to quote. Open up his own gun store. No word on what happened with the application but that along with a frightening tips from neighbors and up the red flags for the sheriff's office. We -- of about like three weeks my -- longer. In and they disappeared wouldn't know where -- went to. Davidson says less than a month later Terry Smith popped up at a point shop innocent in here. He came back it tears -- Honda reported kind of pawn -- and -- on. All around you to point field. You'll be presented what this form. 4473. A background check the must be filled out and verified by the feds before anyone can buy a gun. I'll either -- a you know proceed with a transaction response. A delay or -- did not. Marsh -- there says his store sold -- Smith -- -- last year but never bought from a Smith passed a background check through the FBI before the sale.

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{"id":17068785,"title":"Louisiana Deputies Killed: Two Suspects Charged With Murder","duration":"3:00","description":"Seven suspects were arrested and charged in the fatal shooting of two police deputies.","url":"/US/video/louisiana-deputies-killed-suspects-charged-murder-17068785","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}