Louisiana Sheriff's Deputies Killed in Shootout

Two deputies are dead and two injured after tracking suspect to a trailer park west of New Orleans.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Louisiana Sheriff's Deputies Killed in Shootout
And a very. Difficult day. As you can think. -- -- Today. A number of -- here and law enforcement throughout the state. -- helping them deal -- that. But first let me say this please pray for the two officers there were ambushed early this morning. I have two deceased officers want. Brandon Neilson 34 years old and another one. Of the Jeremy -- 28 years ago. This entire. Tragedy unfolded early this morning. As one of my officers -- -- -- traffic detail in this particular parking lot as he was working as -- -- With some unknown reason at this time. A gunman opened fire on him. Multiple times as you can see the court has -- -- the shoulder of -- steel -- That all of -- there is presently at university hospital being treated for multiple gunshot wounds. It should be okay. After the shooting that place. We were able to get a call from a citizen. Based on the description we got from the officer a citizen at five I think sheriff's office of a speeding motorists. On the street. -- -- -- -- -- Officers proceeded to that area. Where we -- a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle used in the shooting hero -- -- steel -- Officers can't make contact. With some individuals. -- in this investigation. One of the subjects. As all the -- -- -- wanted to subjects. But that investigation led us to a trailer. We'll be knocked on the door another person came to the door. With a dog. -- we could -- inside another individual. Was fully cold -- under a blanket of there's acts and the stuff outside. As we were interviewing that the person that those subjects. Another person. Exited their trailer with an assault weapon an ambush. It was a -- -- Investigation. Is ongoing. I think -- officers. -- the investigation. At Louisiana state police announced they get old investigation. You have any questions at this time I'll try to answer them my -- at this point is to build a case. On individuals responsible for this crime I have the district attorney here at John Bailey we've been -- -- the communications. I have all the sheriff here at all equipment I need to do the job by the state -- At this point we feel if in fact. I have no reason to believe the situation. Is out of control we are in control at this point at this point they're trying to piece everything together. Public -- but the -- early this morning whether -- the less than a mile away. -- -- of -- -- the Saint John parish schools was contacted and we advise him to not let it hits on the school. Not knowing how many perpetrators are responsible for this crime. At this point it's a very hot investigation and its own bill.

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{"id":17019467,"title":"Louisiana Sheriff's Deputies Killed in Shootout","duration":"3:00","description":"Two deputies are dead and two injured after tracking suspect to a trailer park west of New Orleans.","url":"/US/video/louisiana-sheriffs-deputies-killed-shootout-17019467","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}