Louisiana in state of emergency as tropical storm takes aim

The storm is expected to make landfall on the Gulf Coast early Saturday morning.
2:19 | 06/18/21

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Transcript for Louisiana in state of emergency as tropical storm takes aim
We begin at that tropical storm taking aim at the Gulf Coast the governor of Louisiana's already issuing a state of emergency that storm. Is expected to make landfall there early Saturday morning. ABC news chief meteorologist ginger zee has a closer look at the storm and where it's headed ginger what do you see right now. The day and it is moving and moving quickly it's what we call a hybrid storms is kind of like a low pressure system trying to be tropical it looks like it could become tropical storm cloud that. Later this afternoon no matter what it becomes. The only impact I really want to focus and is the heavy rain. Now there will be other impacts and we'll go through those but let's start with how it goes down and the timing of it so will move this group of thunderstorms really that started to rotate toward the coast that's why you see tropical storm warnings. From intra coastal Louisiana to Pensacola Florida that includes Alabama coast Mississippi coast and a big part of the bird of Louisiana. Timing lies is happening. If we want to call it landfall early tomorrow morning and then moving into the southeast through the weekend. And that's why it's not just the 'cause I want you to really watch this because northern Alabama and north Georgia by Sunday early morning far south Tennessee. Could see some of these six inch totals only talk about heavy rains and then North Carolina that's Sunday evening at 11 PM before we get into the workweek so it's gonna take awhile to get rid of it rains number one number two storm surge is still no matter what you've got a pushing water toward the coast you've got these low lying places. Mobile bay could see two to three feet over two Dax didn't back into Pascagoula. A Biloxi tilt and then of course along all of those super low areas at Louisiana. Flash flood watch extends through even. You could see their Birmingham Alabama included Montgomery. And Atlanta so watch for any where it hit two to three inches for talk flash flood because happens fast. And there are places that are saturated by more than eight to sixteen inches above average in Louisiana and Mississippi you are going to get the heaviest that the six to twelve there Pensacola you can get some heavy stuff. Panama City my friends in Mexico beach over to Apalachicola keep an eye on that and then western South Carolina you're and that six inch range too so it's really about the heavy rain day and going into the weekend for people who have just been. Inundated this spring. Our chief meteorologist ginger zee helping ever run their stay safe thanks ginger.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"The storm is expected to make landfall on the Gulf Coast early Saturday morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78358602","title":"Louisiana in state of emergency as tropical storm takes aim","url":"/US/video/louisiana-state-emergency-tropical-storm-takes-aim-78358602"}