Love is in the air in Loveland, Colorado

Here's how one city goes all out for the holiday.
3:43 | 02/15/20

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Transcript for Love is in the air in Loveland, Colorado
Finally on his Valentine's Day a place where love is always in the air because it's also in the town's name. Here is our planes and now who went to Loveland. Valentine's Day a whole mark holiday means you won just don't do it in front of this crowd. Is the time saving. Because this is the Valentine's Day in Loveland Colorado. For the last 74 years since FDR was president Loveland is the place called militants have been sending. Valentine cards for a quick pit stop. You're out Cubans army of fifteen volunteers. Postmarked in collector's stamp. And how many pieces of mail or will they stay. Probably around a 100000 pieces of mail. The cards are then sent on to sweethearts in waiting in every state in more than a hundred countries I just had not what this morning that is going to Italy. There's a long wait list just become a stamper Deb Mortimer had to be patient for eleven years and keep. Com you'll want to laugh it's special pages are in this in these days especially something that no one else doesn't. And yeah. You knew little Barry White music playing in the back right. And yeah. A ago. Loveland is an Americas and how and spilled its West Virginia. Is okay. Springs Texas but nobody embraces romance quite like love. Eric couple products that only happened during campaign season we have consumer lender completing her with the bulk of the ordinance changes. I mean we have seized some Valentine's. From sweetheart wondering why and that's here and it is here right here movement. Twenties and something. Look sculpture. So lucky to unlock did you describe your message of plus or whether that's days aren't named lucky inning throw away your symbolizing leaving your loved ever happen. This have to be an of the person you're gonna do dike talk news talk isn't loved every wanted a. The food. Today they tied the nod along with two dozen other couples and a giant group wedding. What do you think about this smells sounds kind of fun. And so we joked about it and the relentless do it I love love and in the call market although Michigan evening the snow and this is bidding for anything we are in the Harry Williams. That that what pressures. But the pressure is also want to keep this traditional lives and you guys had a great job San Wednesday got a real fast. Get an age where people just aren't mailing cards like they used to because everything is so. And digital these days but there's still some of the hopeless romantics out there that really want the true bluff card to be sent. And there's something special about that. And Lindsay if you think Valentine's Day here is already big next year is going to be huge it is the 75. Anniversary of Loveland special stamp program. Which means flattening her Valentine's Day 20/20 one. Has already started.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Here's how one city goes all out for the holiday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"68997732","title":"Love is in the air in Loveland, Colorado","url":"/US/video/love-air-loveland-colorado-68997732"}