Loyalty and the Supreme Court: Why Evangelicals stick with Trump

“We’re not electing a pastor, we’re electing a president," said Laszlo Pasztor, an Evangelical Christian and Trump supporter.
11:16 | 10/15/20

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Transcript for Loyalty and the Supreme Court: Why Evangelicals stick with Trump
Christians are commanded to be peaceable and respectful. Honor their leaders to pray for them. But we're not commander debate formats. We are not electing a pastor. But we're electing a president. Christians in this country many of them feel very much under siege rightfully or wrongfully and we take comfort in this president being an. And if we did not return the loyalty entity is given to loss of there would be something wrong with those. Christians today here and attention and love all of them necessarily think that the president news. Highly moral highly honest or. Highly religious but what they do say is that view is protected religious. Principles and policies. You're surrounded himself by good decent people starting with vice president events and that his love person's level towards. And protected or right to exercise or they. Laszlo pastor is a retired military officer an evangelical Protestant living in Carlisle Pennsylvania. In 20161. Added every three votes for Donald Trump came from white evangelicals. So their contingent museums in swing states like Pennsylvania will be crucial for his re election. So at. And past five years. There's been. A lot of trying to meet the hands of how white evangelical Protestants. The case who supported the candidate like president around. Who you know it's really not that outwardly religious used to Boris. Units per Fannie in. And out of. But they really care about isn't so much that the character of the person they're voting for but. That person's ability to deliver on the issues they care about. Christians are not money. They understand that the president has its flaws sometimes we are troubled by some of this week so of his aggressive statements we have not ignored that. But on the other hand we've got to look at the group did he has been on the promises he made Supreme Court nominees. Policies about abortion policies but Persian expressions. In the public square. He's been consistent and loyal. And Christians values loyalty. Loyalty to of something larger than ourselves. He may not be the most say every person but. He's been for our purposes consistent with what he promised. And 2011 we asked this survey question. Love everyone isn't national survey do you think it's possible that an elected official. Who commits an immoral act and their private life can still behave ethically and fulfill their duties and their public. And we look at white evangelicals only 30% of them said it was possible. We ask this question again in 2016. In the main differences that present trop is our ticket and in that survey white evangelicals. And move from 30% to 72%. Saying this was possible and we really don't see that kind of movement on a question like this is very usual. Trump's support among white evangelical Protestants which has kind of been holding steady throughout his presidency. Actually began to decline over the course of the summer hit a low point in August. And then rebounded. To equate high levels. In September. I would have to say that I think the Supreme Court vacancy is probably Wrigley pay per. The lord uses flawed people for righteous sense. The overwhelming reason I heard most evangelical state that there are supporting the president despite himself was. Because of the potential Supreme Court nominations and that is a significant reason why. Evangelicals are consistently still with them and look at the current situation right now third appointment. At the heart of the Christian right's political philosophy. In court. You vote for presidential candidates who nominate conservative. Supreme Court just. One day overturn roe wade which and then you see this as as they bought it has been around for a long time for at least fifty years I think Jerry Falwell senior to speak your historian does not get enough credit or political movement that he created. And pray and preach morals and hoped. This man taught millions of white evangelicals at there was only one way to engage in politics. And that was. Super power restore America's Christian nature. Win the Supreme Court child executed that played brilliantly and continued acts. Christianity will have power because if I'm there you can have plenty of power you don't need anybody else you can have somebody representing you very. Very well remember that. Pull our children have never had a stronger defender. In the White House. It's worth noting that are evangelicals for example only make up 15%. The American religious landscape raids but they get probably 85%. Of the attention. Not a devout Christians are supported the trump card entry see black beans faith influences her vote differently. There are many voices here. Evangelical and progressive. Who understand immoral. Compelling. To vote for people who you can. Who believe and a beloved community in this country. Much faith compels me to vote for candidates. Who see them or. Who's seen the marked an alliance. Whose scenes. Ostracized. And outcast. Who welcomed the stranger. We have reached over true. Thousand deaths co. I have not heard or the white evangelical beliefs. Speak onetime. About life. 13 of our citizens. Goal to created. With food insecurity. Every night. And I have not heard the white evangelical police speak about my. As we talk about. The boundaries that entity could opt out Reuters. I have not heard any white evangelical. Talk about life knee. What evangelicals think in the trucking or have moved from being so called values voters to being what I called the stalled. Boaters are intra action played was. Yet even this campaign slogan make America great again is that that last word really was harking back. Right to a previous time actually adding that's one of the biggest dividing lines. In the American religious landscape is this coup and what isn't fair. When Brock a bomb was ran for president 2008. And a Kutcher was 54%. White and Christians at majority white incursion members at least 44%. Right so we go on I just in little more than a decade high and two presidential election cycles from being in a district at least speaking in majority white Christian country want a longer. Majority whip Christian country. There is a burden Christians are concerned. That this. Worldview in this country is slipping away from a Christian consensus that it had. Fifty years ago and especially at the time of its foundation reducing attention. Between our faith. And the American consensus culture. I think bit simplistic way out of thinking about the role religion plays politics is to listen to conservative white voters what they sit at themselves is this is all about abortion are all about anti gay politics but I think Mitt you know when they title I hope more is digging a little deeper in. Not just taking a groups word about. Itself you know why isn't it. Is doubling gallon confederate monuments lags why isn't the trump is talking so much about African American athletes who are kneeling. And support. Likewise matter. This country is evolving it's evolving demographically. It's involved a balding with. The language we speak and the president's message of making America a great. Resonates to a time when christianity was the consensus. Rural view let's change it. But Christians do not want to be shut down and shot up it is refreshing that the we do have a president that flights force. This coming after me because I'm fighting for you that's a big part of it. And I'm fighting for all Americans and our way of life and I'm fighting for you. And they don't like you. Reverend black and worries that confining advocating child why evangelicals have not been vocal enough in condemning trumps divisive rhetoric. To be Christian and is to be up follower of Christ. And not a follower. Oak white supremacist. Agenda items. What do you want to call them community and give me quite a surprise us and why are you can wipe out process and right product I stand back and stand by. It's. Reduction that was builders in any which was more like the playground brawl. Let act and leadership in school multi canceled port. And turning his iTunes so that he does not have to experience. Is not learn. But Greek Yves. Is not the outer rhetoric of Donald Trump. But greet me is the silence of the chair she. And days after the debate Donald Trump condemned what parents and Laszlo strongly rejects the idea that white evangelicals are silent about issues of justice or support white supremacy. He cites the Christian conservatives are among the most charitable and serving at any religious group. When the economy blesses wouldn't argue population. To include highest employment rate of blacks Hispanics women all that is justice that is social justice when people can work. Christians are Burt ward Burton Group there should be equality under the law. And that we should not be divided by race Christians believe that their only two races but only two but sooners. And believers but that's it. And we hope and pray that the policies that we promote and bless all and is a Christian I have to say that the lord has used this nation are fully. We are just grateful. The we have a president now the does love America. And makes no apologies fort.

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{"duration":"11:16","description":"“We’re not electing a pastor, we’re electing a president,\" said Laszlo Pasztor, an Evangelical Christian and Trump supporter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73640720","title":"Loyalty and the Supreme Court: Why Evangelicals stick with Trump","url":"/US/video/loyalty-supreme-court-evangelicals-stick-trump-73640720"}