Lt. Johnny Mercil testifies at Derek Chauvin's trial

Mercil trained the former Minneapolis police officer on the use of neck restraints.
10:27 | 04/06/21

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Transcript for Lt. Johnny Mercil testifies at Derek Chauvin's trial
Here. Familiar. With the circumstances that we're here today is that right. Yes can I need to it and show you have photo that's been received into evidence and today exhibit seventy. Good to publish. You see exhibit seventeen. And receiving defendants. On top of a subject that you noted beat George Floyd sat right there's. Is this the use of force. Does. If you take please. What he did discuss. In terms of using force using it safely what you teach. Trainees about sort of the frailty and the human body. It's important to be careful. But with people is that right or necessary very important careful there's some parts of the body that are more prone to injury and others correct. Let's turn to you tray on how to separate guest. If we didn't displayed an exhibit 119. Of peach 49. Now this is from strength training Eric. That's correct but it does it and generally helpful in describing what some of the more sensitive parts human body are as you train. Minneapolis police officers. Related industries yes. Good and beavers related to other types of restraint as well. You get stretched some. I don't know exactly okay what's your question exactly and certainly isn't fair to see that day periods that are Mark Teahen red the red zones are more prone to injury and other parts of the body that could be serious. Yes. So for example the knack. Yes in the head. Current him in the stern of the chest Eric yes. In this wouldn't just pretend to strikes it could also pertain to pressure couldn't. Yes. Is that something you probably knew before you even. Did any use of force training business. I'd like you to then discusses the jury concept neck restraints. And we could publisher's page 52 of the accident. And we're looking at a time period. Thank you were doing this training neck restraints were authorized by any MPV policy correct. Yes sir can you please describe the training that you provided to Minneapolis police officer regarding the use of pepper spray. Guests are we we go over the techniques. Definitions that. Neck restraints and we do go through. Different reps from the neck restraint to you Josh is comfortable doing. If you just give the jury an overview of what a neck strain does yeah soul neck restraint is constricting the size of a person's net. And they refer to as a vascular and understands your slowing the blood flow to and from the brain. With the intent to gain control of the subject. And they're two different places neck restraints. In the MPD policy is that correct yes. And those are what the two doubles third conscious that restrain such easy grab somebody else. And there's still conscious. And you can gain compliance with many people of that and and is unconscious and that's applying pressure until the person. When they're not complying you put oppression of the become unconscious and then therefore comply. How does one actually apply neck restraint. We teach a couple of different techniques but the basic idea is. You drills a landmark and you place your arm. Across leave myself but yeah once neck and your Normandy on you or me aside and act. And then there's a couple of different and placements but only apply pressure with impressionable sizes and it. To gain compliance. Can you you are demonstrating the we're using you used here are just. That's correct and also be done to collect it can you don't let it does empty train on how to do collect. We may show. The younger officers and Jenny what that looks like we don't train late negligence that the officers and service need. Sorry my knowledge never out. How how would have trained for streak work. I'm sorry Conan trained leg and neck restraint. People who watched an initial professional fighters because of the triangle shall and I use it turned choke loosely it's just what is called. But that's where you glacier. Your leg over somebody's back. Cross decided an act in the new trapped there are men so the person ends up having one arm him. And there are causes pressure on one side and the lake houses pressure on the second. And you can actually. Rent or something consciously hold out long enough. The what part of the way. Xena thought him. Inner thighs so you can in this scenario. Using your legs your neck restraint and it was a needs sort of replaced elbow in terms of places. I would you describe. I would I would see that he doesn't really replace the Elmore com your thought I would be crossed the site or somebody's neck you're later process back. Com and you protect your way it really was the space is created with their army independent. If you could. Please displayed next page PH 53. Use a neck restraints. Can you describe in musings those concepts of proportionality when it's. Authorize. To use a neck restraint and to different varieties. Yes your honor on subjects are actively progressive which means assault of they're actively resisting and other techniques how to work it he's done. And then and a lot of says no he can he can subjects or passively resistant. And if you could go to the next slide he's 54. They didn't after a little good news first greatest play their certain guidelines that you train have to be followed is that right. That's true from the care of the individual on who. In the neck restraint was applied. Yeah. If we could publish. They exhibit 110 again. In bringing this specific topic taxes concept of personality you flowers. Given endless stylus of their. You can you can touch the screen and make a mark here. Unconscious neck restraint and unconscious neck restraint as when a person could actually rendered unconscious correct that's current and intentionally so. Yeah. Could you please underlined. Unconscious neck restraint as museum as a response to control guy just. And what subjects. Activity what level of subject activity would be required to use them unconscious neck restraint. Well according to those charges in the red area saw in the act of aggression. Did you agree with that. Dad I think there's any room the last like we talked about active resistance if other techniques and worked it definitely not an act of aggression is worse place. If we looked and you can also find it conscious neck restraint and that's the neck restraint is used for the purpose control correct. Kurt did you underlying where that is in this forced continue. So what do. And soon artistic restraint is authorized to. In circumstances where others intact active resistance is our right. So then hear from here was something like passive resistance. These kinds just needed a conscious neck restraint nor the unconscious neck restraint would be authorized is that right would not be over as happy office. And an unconscious neck restraint would not even be authorized for some forms of active resistance would. Silence tourist. He ended if the subject is offering no resistance obviously. No neck restraint will be authorized test her. Or any restraint. Or any more their interest rates. There's no yeah in general you know quit. You. In addition to the classroom training you actually teach officers show them physically how to do these sort of neck restraints. Yeah. At this time and place republished exhibit seventeen. Syria is this and MPG. Train neck restraints. No sir. Okay now her strength she. Business MP deal authorize a restraint techne. Young and it wouldn't be something. Doesn't release.

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{"duration":"10:27","description":"Mercil trained the former Minneapolis police officer on the use of neck restraints.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76901945","title":"Lt. Johnny Mercil testifies at Derek Chauvin's trial","url":"/US/video/lt-johnny-mercil-testifies-derek-chauvins-trial-76901945"}