Lucky Cat Survives Gas Chamber

Janita Coombs cares for cat who faced death twice at a Utah animal shelter.
1:28 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Lucky Cat Survives Gas Chamber
This is injured and four year old long haired domestic tasks -- she just loves life she loves everyone she comes in contact -- She's a very playful -- she is. Just that Katerina wants to live she's safe in a loving home but most -- couldn't have survived what you went through deep commitment. Last October she was an unwanted catch her daughter and her song and it's better to listen carbon monoxide gas chamber. Guy so she was gas Begin. -- body was eventually placed into plastic bag and -- put into a cool. A shelter employee actually open up the freezer. And found her inside me Allen -- soon as they pulled her out of that bag she started immediately driving up against the shelter employee she was it just so grateful to have been saved. -- -- -- was introduced Foster about helping her back to help him. She knows -- story. To think what that cat went through and the absolute fear she had to have gone through not being -- not once but twice and then waking up inside and -- black plastic bag in a freezer. The absolute -- had to have an experienced fighter -- meeting here is outraged and became a woman on a mission. She filed a request to find out if there are other animals and west -- shelter like him. They've had to run the gas chamber more than one cycle. In order to get animals to die and -- this -- on multiple occasions Andrea is not an anomaly.

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{"duration":"1:28","description":"Janita Coombs cares for cat who faced death twice at a Utah animal shelter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15299920","title":"Lucky Cat Survives Gas Chamber","url":"/US/video/lucky-cat-survives-gas-chamber-15299920"}