Lucky Woman on Contest Winning Roll

April Jacques searches for giveaways, enters contests when she likes the prize.
1:44 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for Lucky Woman on Contest Winning Roll
So right here knows. They trips that I want landlords from the trips both of both necklace that -- -- These are games and kind of entertainment. Eight -- loves to win and she's good addict. Her -- began three years ago right here on line she's onto the contest to win a trip to Palm Springs and -- singer Jack Johnson she entered the figured. Nobody's ever gonna land and I got up for a one time. -- learned just how wrong she wants she won the trip and got to meet the famous musician. So after that -- people do and scours the Internet radio stations magazines and corporations for -- if she -- the pride she enters I think what helped a lot but I also and her alive. It's unheard of for her and her up to 150. Contest -- It's paid off three years she's back trips including a coveted invite in and the -- plan -- To attend the Heisman Trophy ceremony in 2009. Her living room is filled closer contest -- -- -- The thrill of winning. But at a but she says -- the contest allows repeat entries she -- as much as possible. That's how she landed her biggest win a fishing boat which set a record for her winning it was 55000. For -- year. Which that was my biggest year ever she insists if your persistent about winning you can be lucky -- but at first my husband. Thought I was -- -- that it wasn't real. A lot of people and actually a lot of my friends. And believe me but now leading specialist -- -- -- foreign news.

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{"id":15323485,"title":"Lucky Woman on Contest Winning Roll","duration":"1:44","description":"April Jacques searches for giveaways, enters contests when she likes the prize.","url":"/US/video/lucky-woman-contest-winning-roll-15323485","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}