LZ Granderson discusses reaction to Breonna Taylor decision

How the grand jury decision affects the Black Lives Matter movement and why Taylor’s case has become a flashpoint.
2:43 | 09/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LZ Granderson discusses reaction to Breonna Taylor decision
And for more want to bring in ABC contributor LV LV granderson. A leap thanks your being here you know this is a moment of racial reckoning in our country we've seen these protests across the country for months now. What is this decision mean for this movement. Oh well it means that there's still a lot of companies to be darned there's so many disturbing elements center's kitchen garden agreed earlier woods' records show. Are just ago to the ball but I think overall mortars shows. Is that there is a legitimate reason barber didn't seem to be reached in minorities in particular. All imports. I don't know how you can potentially evidence such as an ego all. Kirby in May sue on export and ran it cheaper to save agree on what aboard trucks and arm didn't survive. Why do you need to do bad at everything you did was just our. So you write such as China urban tracks so you see things like that makes it very difficult to ensure that students had been server will be serve. And and now the and other so much to unpack with this one but. Is there anything particular that you think makes this case it's such a flash point. Their outlook. Doesn't reach rats for example BR episode or worse partnered with sparred in Chicago. Com and why is that important because you've been happened in March in other words opera certain question wasn't are important student protests began. If you're calling proper procedures were equipped and keep our your. Back in March because they were trying to Q at what rate we're. Ultimately go to great bird store remember the state Susan simple fact that. If you look at the great friends who entered the shots. A home. The reason advocates was dropped wasn't because prosecutors ever change hearts. It's good to be extra originally submitted the evidence to grand jury they regard to submit ports shall not to sue Barrett. It is alarmed. She's pretty easy for shooting which was he thought he was protecting her house because he'd ignored or. Didn't you mentioned and Granger birdied the judge truck. It's freaky charges because they were trying to sue Rell wrote here are some beaded. Good or attempted murder they're just only thing the Broncos it through so disturbing and as part debris and on particular as a black woman. Saturday and lifted up is also important because of record reached in to see it focus in on what happens to black and brown man. When souls say her name to rally cry embryonic they're in particular is really important because it reminds. Us that this just isn't it or. Aspects man this affects women as. And rent LV granderson we appreciate your time this morning thank you. Every. It's our pleasure.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"How the grand jury decision affects the Black Lives Matter movement and why Taylor’s case has become a flashpoint.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73221963","title":"LZ Granderson discusses reaction to Breonna Taylor decision","url":"/US/video/lz-granderson-discusses-reaction-breonna-taylor-decision-73221963"}