Made in 'The Shade' of America

Meet America's Last umbrella man, Barnett Brickner
3:32 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for Made in 'The Shade' of America
There -- -- manufacturing work feels like machine that takes a lot of I don't with everything's been outsourced. A few people refuse to give -- and one of them is -- next right now. My name is -- -- I've been making umbrellas in New York for over forty years we might have made over half -- million umbrellas. Maybe more. In -- four decades America's umbrella man Barnett has put every other manufacturer in the shape. Where the supplying -- staples like Woody Allen the perfect -- pretzels all the wildlife and to signing Jackson. Since to win. It was Barnett grandfather Morris partner and Steve and -- who immigrated to New York from Poland in the early twentieth century and became the -- number element in the family. This -- over media. That says MP -- shake the hand carved by my grandfather so he made umbrellas and he was -- YouTube would vote yes. When my father and my -- got into the business they wanted to make the larger beach and garden them Brothers. They moved into this building we were sitting right now in January of 1940 they can actually produced everything themselves. Should. -- -- the looting that -- -- -- bright Cisco. It planned new Brooklyn factory as America's atomic your car culture may go to the beach move on its production from -- -- -- some. Earliest memory is -- with my father would have -- Ten years old eleven years old and then later on I remember making deliveries to the world failed with umbrellas that we manufacture -- -- Though he was the boss' son but that wasn't afforded any special treatment when he joined the -- full time in 1970. I started to look at the bottom -- that. -- and sweeping up. Against standing including bell captain. Astonishingly. Through his and -- life. The process of hand making a somber alert and he remains almost unchanged. Most. The equipment has been here -- make -- next game we accept them in the sewing machines in new utility cute dresses are new and seven reelection to die based in the power presses. Have to -- always. Either made who will be -- even the design remains the -- One small but -- fabric it's changed -- that we used to have you can't recruit new used to be made of cotton candy. Now if you'll acrylic material -- from -- -- made the roof rack who moved moved through. Sodium -- lists longer to get an umbrella for beginnings. How many days will it take me to finally get can't have the stuff you scratch -- Get an umbrella -- -- your floor by -- -- quality that was. 3040 years ago we still have -- -- him when the quality. These are not disposable -- into -- -- that can be used over and over yet they're almost -- Could say yes they. Of course when Barnett finally folds up his business both some say it's full cost of -- effects on personally I don't like. But I don't like if you lacking on the boardwalk. Got to be very so small market between just look for the blue white umbrella and you might be on the back on the board. --

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{"id":23370755,"title":"Made in 'The Shade' of America","duration":"3:32","description":"Meet America's Last umbrella man, Barnett Brickner","url":"/US/video/made-shade-america-23370755","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}