Man, 96, Found Dead After Dog Attack

Police search neighborhood for a dog responsible for deadly attack.
1:26 | 08/31/13

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Transcript for Man, 96, Found Dead After Dog Attack
After all the officers and investigators were gone family gathered in the backyard were 96 year old one compost was found. More than a dozen sharing their grief. Earlier and -- lost gets resolved by himself. Just -- it's not. He came home Friday afternoon at first heard the sound of dogs in the back -- and then saw the unexpected. -- and I just I was hoping. That he will respond to me or hate him. -- -- sheriff's investigators accomplice had severe bite marks one of the families of smaller -- was also dead. And this one was being attacked. Relatives rushed the -- to the -- to try to save it. Meantime animal control rounded up a handful of neighborhood -- investigators believe they broke through the fence and attacked. An autopsy will determine how the grandfather died but -- the last gets it was a great -- man. Is convinced he notes -- come. Moment there's this breed dogs that are killing this other. NIC -- -- then dad. You know let -- going to be. He says they've had problems with their neighbors' dogs in the past defense shows that previous -- chips. But no one ever thought it would come to this. It was such an advantage in their camp and it better safer place. -- tied up somehow we know there are found.

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{"id":20127669,"title":"Man, 96, Found Dead After Dog Attack","duration":"1:26","description":"Police search neighborhood for a dog responsible for deadly attack.","url":"/US/video/man-96-found-dead-dog-attack-20127669","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}