Man Arrested in Baby's Rape, Murder

Albuquerque police accuse Juan Galindo of murdering the 1-month-old child.
1:25 | 12/31/11

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Transcript for Man Arrested in Baby's Rape, Murder
He was the first to bring you the confirmed details tonight. That this man 37 year old longer -- -- is accused of a crime too horrible to imagine. Rape and killing a one month old baby girl inside her home in southwest Albuquerque in this exclusive video believed it was seen taken away in handcuffs. At a special suit that preserve evidence that law enforcement is taking no chances investigates. One month old baby -- died. It's a very tragic case to very challenging case to investigate action 7 NEWS into the neighborhood on the 19100 block of -- and -- family members would not speak on camera -- solicit an unbearable dealing with the baby's death investigators -- it took a long time to sit through a mountain of evidence. -- on the baby and around the house at this point it's unclear exactly she died. The evidence -- a life that evidence is gonna lead us down the path that we need to go to we just need to be able to examine it. And analyze it for for what it's telling us uses -- like TV of course so it takes is time to be able to get some information. Investigators also would comment about the baby's mother who she is if she was at home at the time more if not. Where she was the also wouldn't respond to questions about whether -- leader was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the tight. What is clear is that investigators believe they have the man responsible for brutally taking the life of the city.

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{"id":15266461,"title":"Man Arrested in Baby's Rape, Murder","duration":"1:25","description":"Albuquerque police accuse Juan Galindo of murdering the 1-month-old child. ","url":"/US/video/man-arrested-babys-rape-murder-juan-galindo-albuquerque-new-mexico-child-us-15266461","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}