Feared Killed by Gacy, Now Reunited With Family

Harold Wayne Lovell was believed to be murdered by serial killer John Wayne Gacy
1:33 | 10/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Feared Killed by Gacy, Now Reunited With Family
Tonight -- level is reunited with his family in dale county Alabama. Alive well and sharing memories not a -- victim as feared instead global has lived in Florida the past 33 years. Unaware his disappearance was tied the DC's crime spree. Though He did know the serial killer over the. I did a couple days yard work with them. That was I mean not that I mean I've never went into the -- -- -- as a young man of nineteen He didn't get along well with his parents. So He headed south to Florida where He worked a few jobs had brushes with the law got married. And had a couple of children. Level has even lost contact with them but things change the past few days when relatives found -- police booking photo of level -- line. Yes are -- crichton. After me the family bought him a bus ticket and brought him to Alabama where they were reunited this week. -- did not only the odds the -- He was killed by -- and the long shot chance He would never see his family again. We Allen but Foster homes separated. That's why this is such a miracle that we've -- lean back again. But -- is back. A homecoming of sorts and an invitation to stay in Alabama and try to make up for lost time 33 years. It's impossible. Impossible. May be no more impossible than the family find each other again. Kevin Pressley reporting.

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{"id":14829185,"title":"Feared Killed by Gacy, Now Reunited With Family","duration":"1:33","description":"Harold Wayne Lovell was believed to be murdered by serial killer John Wayne Gacy","url":"/US/video/man-feared-killed-john-wayne-gacy-now-reunited-14829185","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}