Man Fights for Paternal Rights

A decades old law prevents a father from having any rights to see baby daughter.
1:56 | 12/17/11

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Transcript for Man Fights for Paternal Rights
I mean his official immunity you're holding my daughter day. After she was born Matt -- -- may never hold his daughter Madeleine again. DNA proves he's the child's father. But -- -- mother was married to another man when she gave birth to -- has no right to have any relationship. With this child the custody dispute is why -- -- -- hired an attorney. Chris hotel in new Matt's case would be difficult mainly because -- mom was married to another man -- she was born. And that man is not willing to release his paternal rights that's right. He's not the baby's biological father but under state law from the 1950s. A child born during a marriage is a product of that marriage. And even though the child's mother and her husband in this case are now divorced. The situation remains I would need him to appear in court. And stay in essence that he does not wish to be the father he wishes to. Not be involved without -- of those rights argument is blocked from parenting time it's why he's following closely an effort to revise state law here in Lansing there's propose legislation that might give -- -- -- the opportunity. To raise his daughter we have crafted legislation. To fix this state senator Rick Jones started meeting this summer with judges the department of human services and other child advocacy groups the four bill package he introduced in the senate workplace issues like this in front of a judge so a judge -- look at every situation. -- decide what is the best interest of the child back in -- attorney who telling believes that change in state law may be his last hope in reuniting this bother with his daughter. It means under the proposed legislation that he could simply come in had to -- in court. He doesn't get that now he can't even go to court and say. Judge please allow me to -- dad in -- John Mills WC GM thirteen news.

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{"id":15178201,"title":"Man Fights for Paternal Rights","duration":"1:56","description":"A decades old law prevents a father from having any rights to see baby daughter.","url":"/US/video/man-fights-paternal-rights-15178201","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}