Man who filmed Arbery killing arrested

Attorney Lee Merritt joins Linsey Davis to discuss the charges against William “Roddie” Bryan, Jr., which are felony murder and attempted false imprisonment of Arbery.
5:11 | 05/22/20

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Transcript for Man who filmed Arbery killing arrested
And new arrest in the online robbery case you'll likely remember Aman is a young black man seen in this video jogging through mostly white neighborhood in Georgia. When he was stopped and fatally shot the killing was caught on tape and it sparked national outrage. After nearly three months and four different prosecutors on the case the two men seen in the video Travis and Gregory Mick Michael father and son. Were arrested and charged with a month's murder. What has remained unclear is why this man William Ronnie Bryant took out his cell phone and filmed in the last moments in the months life. Why he was at the scene in the first place late today Brian was arrested and charged with felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment. Bryant has said he had no involvement in the shooting in self and insists he has fully cooperated with investigators. Last week as Brian sat next to his attorney he had this to say on Good Morning America. It was very. Unsettling haven't you know never experiencing things like that before. Really felt sorry. I mean all kinds of emotions but it's sore loser of the way. What I'm for the family. Of the young man was did not know. I just. I don't really know what else to say other than that was unsettling. Never experienced that in I don't care experience evening. I really don't fit. But if the video wasn't there I don't think it would be NL cult that anybody would be. Satisfied with because I don't think anybody would know the outcome. I'm not proud that a shop that. Well maybe it helps. And we now bring in Lee marry a civil rights lawyer who represents offering his parents. For his reaction to this new arrests so thanks so much for joining asleep. First this is something that you and amongst family have been pushing for what's their reaction to word of his arrest. Alitalia is Sharon we relieved want to spoke during and seat seat and what is sure that this is going to happen but we we don't bit it should happen and so. Have come arrested we know let's just one step. What we beat beauty was part of the conspiracy to murder her son. And Pitt we were looking for to a vigorous prosecution. And brought this says that he was not involved in the killing and that in fact by filming yet and that may have even helped in the end why don't you believe him. Well Brian examining mister Ronald saying that he would out of date. On the day of the shooting he told law enforcement officers according to a police report that he used is to block a must. That's when everybody where it's true you know Maliki criminal as opposed to a victim and so was cop Lucas say. Today now that we all realize that my outlaws and victim. Speak east changed his story. Buckles specs more about how he got here. I don't what was his reason Kapono mud around in the first place and what role he really think it's is on the government's election is the reason earlier rested. Do you think that it's significant dent in the video he's already rolling it appears. Before he arrives at the scene it's not as if somebody. Witness something in a set all let me start recording this. That's that's exactly right he he he was clearly true immediately at a muddy before seated at Michael's comments have been severe brain. He is behind a mile recording ends as if he knows something about that I beat that he knew that he was a bit. A mile busting counted in the Michaels because that's what they set up. And we just curious I think that the latest report suggests that it was a former attorney. Who released this video. Was there any are you aware of any of the how that video leaving got into the hands of of this man whom apparently. At one time represented the make Michaels. Duty and that's truly imported beer right righty of course should review it person that's his role. In this case so far. But. You never turned it over to the family he never turned it over to two anyway and the public. It was a lawyer for me Michaels eventually released it. And Koss is public outcry that we're seeing now are you concerned about getting a fair trial. We are and we've been closing for state courts to ensure there are allowed Obama. Julia Holmes being the Cobb County district attorney who is brought adult support district attorney but someone we believe that was conflict free Cooper who vigorously prosecute BJ's. Our next several courses the question of jurisdiction and are we we have or a new judgment case and we believe in his ability to be fair is well. Lee Merritt thank you so much for your time and your insight we appreciate it. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Attorney Lee Merritt joins Linsey Davis to discuss the charges against William “Roddie” Bryan, Jr., which are felony murder and attempted false imprisonment of Arbery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70824053","title":"Man who filmed Arbery killing arrested","url":"/US/video/man-filmed-arbery-killing-arrested-70824053"}