Man Killed in Remote Control Helicopter Accident

Roman Pirozek, Jr., 19, of Queens was killed in freak helicopter accident.
3:00 | 09/06/13

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Transcript for Man Killed in Remote Control Helicopter Accident
New information tonight about that -- actually. -- -- that killed in a gruesome way. The young operator of one of those remote controlled model helicopters in -- today in the graves and section I was just four -- how exactly how -- -- -- build these choppers are not toys they have to foot rotors that -- at speeds of up to a 3000. RPN's. Neighbors here tell me this was a father son -- Which makes this freak accident all the more devastating. The young -- Bentley returned home tonight Edward met by neighbors with tears and their -- we already shot because. We had neighbors we look powerfully -- -- -- -- Chad and we can't think Chad -- Roman Perot sick was nineteen years old. -- avid flyer of remote control helicopters. Gas powered turbine choppers with two foot long carbon fiber blades. -- made a series of videos in this field in grades and Brooklyn. And posted them on -- to. Police say he was here well flying spectacular stunts like leaks that Roman lost control of his helicopter. And was struck in the head. And kill. He is a member of a small group of remote control chopper pilots who told reporters tonight that it can be a risky -- It will consider -- -- own personal safety. You know things happen. Things happen it's just an unreal event that someone that young beautiful -- enjoying something -- done. Clay Roberts assembles and repairs remote control helicopters. And says -- was clearly -- talented pilot. The cause he says was most likely a mechanical malfunction. You've got something -- whirling blades. -- knives and he -- -- with that no deal. Roman style flying is known within hobbyists as. 3-D aerobatics injuries are not uncommon I'm told -- deaths are extremely rare. -- is believed to be only the second person in the United States to lose his life while flying a remote control helicopter. -- queens and.

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{"id":20174240,"title":"Man Killed in Remote Control Helicopter Accident","duration":"3:00","description":"Roman Pirozek, Jr., 19, of Queens was killed in freak helicopter accident.","url":"/US/video/man-killed-remote-control-helicopter-accident-20174240","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}