'Have You Seen This Man' podcast: Breaking down episode 2

Host Sunny Hostin and ABC News producer Matthew Mosk discuss Lester Eubanks' infamous 1973 escape from police custody in the episode, "A Trip to the Mall."
4:50 | 10/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Have You Seen This Man' podcast: Breaking down episode 2
So. If you just listen episode two and you've heard about this crazy escape. One of the things you're hearing about is are a real effort to reform the prison system yes. And are there efforts like that still today. Is that prison system. Where do you how do you calibrate a prison system to treat prisoners. Civilly respectfully but also its punitive and then there is some. What's the word I'm thinking have been rehabilitation rehabilitation specialist happened there tell me about what what you what you encountered well that. You know the prison assist them. Of course have been inside. Not isn't in me but I visited. Britain you know prisons. Mike toured federal prisons. You know rikers. Soared. It's really it's broken the system is broken. It's supposed to be punitive you're in their for a reason. There should be some rehabilitation as well because people that are not going to be the air. Forever. Need to be re introduce into society with some sort of skill sets and that they don't re offend and if they need treatment I think they should get it. Perhaps they should get education so that again when they come out they can be. Productive members of our society. A lot of that does not. And I think that is really really. It should be troubling to everyone because their rate of recidivism. Is I'm not exactly sure of the re because it changes depending on what the crime is but. The rates are really astronomical and I think in large part. Because of the way our system is run and there's just sort of this industrial complex now it's just. And where we're bringing kids in really not it's almost like a pipeline from schools to prisons and ended. It affects disproportionately. Communities of color. And that is it's it just to stresses and he he had just think about it. It's interesting because one of the things that we found going back through all the material from that time was that Phil Donahue moon talk show legend yeah. Had actually gone to the Ohio State penitentiary when Lester was there and really he was there in 1972. And he did it in entire week of programming on abuse and its treatment of prisoners. And it's hard to get that mind set when you hear about how Lester wise yeah now. What did you think when you heard about this program that sent him into the community and monitored. I really couldn't believe it I know that there are. Some programs. For low level offenders but you don't have someone that raped and murdered a fourteen year old. On release into the community on and accompanied me I've never heard. Of that kind it in me qualify for that kind of program IE I mean. Rape. Learned. Who a faults. Anything like that I just don't understand how of that would qualify right. So that that was shocking to me effect I was. Audiences you know my husband and some friends about this and the question that kept on coming Aqua as. But how did he qualified for that this rescue someone on death row. Because they have not. Into loops rate why would they come back. Rate and why and then and then blasters case. His sentence had been commuted but it was still life in prison without the possibility of pearl plot why why would they come back right. There's an extended. Buster's escape sort of went unnoticed and some of the people we talked to felt that. If his victim had been way. That there may have been a bigger public. Outcry and response and I'm curious if you think. That may factor into why. He escaped in pretty much silence. Boy I think there's no question about that it's it's unfortunate. But. You look at the media coverage even today. Of missing victims. You know. Amber alerts anything like that. Typically. Those there involve a victim of collar. Are much less likely to be reported on. It it just it. It happens even today. And we've gotten better there's no question in my mind that had it been. And little white girl that it would of been front page news. Listen for free now and apple podcasts.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Host Sunny Hostin and ABC News producer Matthew Mosk discuss Lester Eubanks' infamous 1973 escape from police custody in the episode, \"A Trip to the Mall.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66451947","title":"'Have You Seen This Man' podcast: Breaking down episode 2","url":"/US/video/man-podcast-breaking-episode-66451947"}