Man Reunited With Dog 10 Years Later

Jamie Carpentier found his basset hound in an online search for a new dog.
1:36 | 02/19/13

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Transcript for Man Reunited With Dog 10 Years Later
Jamie carpets here always wondered what happened to his dog ginger she would never -- see -- again. The when he read the description of a thirteen year old Basset Hound on the humane society for greater -- -- web -- something click here. Just a part of our process the biggest thing about her I was known as the studios -- these gigantic pots. -- -- had lost his dog ten years ago during the breakup of his marriage unknown to him ginger was adopted from the humane society. By an older couple who gave her a very -- home could I when they were no longer able to care for her in October they broader back. Last month -- and tear was looking for a new pet and gave the humane society call right. Jamie says look I you know -- -- -- ten years ago in. -- can they be her it was a steamy and. The -- markings matched up so -- frontier decided to come for a visit within moments gingerly -- -- And their bond was re connected just. Solution it was nation just -- throws me -- that was there -- around -- this. She has recognized us. But to see her back when she belongs to him and knows that that she -- she was where she kinda started she came full circle as. Extra special together again ginger -- carpet here so this time it's good -- -- -- -- -- -- the end. You know. And that's why aren't -- happy you know. And -- You know but it Douglas but -- eyewitness dogs and their owners can create a special connection and some even. That -- -- -- in Nashua ED Hirsch burger -- who -- nine.

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{"id":18536860,"title":"Man Reunited With Dog 10 Years Later","duration":"1:36","description":"Jamie Carpentier found his basset hound in an online search for a new dog.","url":"/US/video/man-reunited-with-dog-10-years-later-18536860","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}