Man Allegedly Put Daughter in Cage

James Tapke has been arrested for putting child in cage.
1:31 | 01/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Allegedly Put Daughter in Cage
The debate over what James -- -- -- did or didn't do began quickly as he appeared before Hamilton County -- -- court judge for -- Rucker. The evidence -- -- the show. This -- or blood. Look. -- secure. I'm putting your bird. Springfield Township police chief Dave I -- says the incident happened at this house on Waterbury circle. On January 10 following a father daughter argument I think there was an issue about the -- want to not going to school. Are your brakes as the police report says the girl was duct -- hand and foot and put in a big dog cage for about twenty to thirty minutes and then let out. But the argument resumed as did the punishment. He -- -- her up. Placed her in a dog kennel. Home and -- -- points. Had -- me. Battery jump back and threatened to attach that to the dog kennel. Police say the case broke when the girls thirteen year old brother posted pictures of the -- -- on FaceBook. Apparent. Saw one over their children looking on -- pictures call 241 kids. Their response to the scene they notified us. Certainly you should never does not countenance pandering. Obviously went way above its. Allowed to happen. -- we're head -- of the county's department of job and family services she says the case is a perfect example of the new do ask do tell us campaign. That was recently rolled out. The community is really the ears and -- -- many of her family's children so if you see something. Let you know college.

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{"id":15410456,"title":"Man Allegedly Put Daughter in Cage ","duration":"1:31","description":"James Tapke has been arrested for putting child in cage.","url":"/US/video/man-takes-child-discipline-15410456","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}