Man's Heart Attack Caught on Tape

A camera was rolling as Wes Rogers had a heart attack at his Oregon business.
2:08 | 03/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man's Heart Attack Caught on Tape
One of the more commonly used phrases in TV these days is of course caught on camera. And listen -- sometimes with the cameras catches some pretty fascinating stuff absolutely and it's not everyday that we get to see some of light -- on camera. That's exactly -- -- senate that have K two in Portland Oregon has forest now. If there's less runs a printing this -- -- 35 years. -- of the wild device people are intimidated by this. Don't cut through anything even around all that equipment he's never had -- -- -- -- scratch. Just 161 day in his office chair that he -- he -- I was I was dead. My heart was just shaking a little bit. Don't believe me check the tape their -- west working at his desk nothing occasion you feel extremely tired. The lights go out on the phone and then slumping he drops the final. And this is when working within one wall of your wife really pays off it sounded -- A vacuum cleaner but it went -- who who who that's surely. Also known as the best higher -- ever -- -- -- what was happening and knew to call 911 right away when we checked his pulse and couldn't find anything. -- -- -- -- -- The paramedics arrived paramedics got there within four minutes and took over first -- impressions. The C guy he's traded off -- -- the treaty guys working on me and then the defibrillator. There's a first -- have been down for twenty minutes when finally on the hail Mary a third shock. And his heart island starting. Got to the hospital where west woke up the next day. Grateful to that team of medics for fighting so hard and thankful for his wife who got initial -- Oh yes yes I owe her big time it was -- Much to do list. Hi -- my life. Now that's -- he -- And when we are looking at it -- did she little did she -- opening the phone down the sort of someone like that -- who is no question and McCain was just walking by whatever was -- jargon and it sort of changes.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"A camera was rolling as Wes Rogers had a heart attack at his Oregon business.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15823493","title":"Man's Heart Attack Caught on Tape","url":"/US/video/mans-heart-attack-caught-tape-15823493"}