Marchers Head Back to D.C. for 'Overwhelming' Experience

Freedom marcher Dianna Watson Ezell recalls racial injustice on ride in to hear MLK Jr. 's 1963 speech.
7:39 | 08/28/13

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Transcript for Marchers Head Back to D.C. for 'Overwhelming' Experience
I -- to go back to Sarah and Diana who were there fifty years ago 1963. And Sarah and Diana. When you're listening to -- I want to know we will hear it now. -- at the same could that you have when you heard it from 1963. -- -- The building -- -- his victory was. Clearly -- yeah. Hero to her and each I was coming the island advance here because. I had just knowing that. A group called the NAACP. Well and I want Italy's -- black his city -- There's that was happening out when. An Arab countries. I was just excited to be here global whale back what we're exposed to when we got to Weston DC. -- -- -- Something old and -- Sara I wanna get your thoughts and Edward traveling as a fifteen year old and I think that's just -- to wrap your mind around it of itself. To have the kind of determination. And strength and courage to make that kind of trip across the country but -- -- were traveling as you're making her way. On the bus and you were seen a country which groups of. I was traveling up from Arkansas Owens in the -- How we use that what I. Terms of the geography -- in terms of the people -- we expect. Hey -- -- thought that there were thousands of buses and planes and basically every form of -- could have been utilized on the East Coast it was pretty much couldn't expect. The -- such a huge crowd and Internet everyone's making their way whether it be from Maine and New Hampshire and South Carolina happened. What had the opportunity to kind of get a wider view of the country different people -- could have -- of different backgrounds. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- peasant communities that we. And -- of course everything. So that's the way we saw in the -- the geography residents who was -- about that time back. Commitments to us but as yet in studio and we probably -- Aren't really looking. -- hitting -- particular we just came to me. Light right or fail or. I could argue. I -- remember. After a lot of place. So then you -- aren't. We actually. Yeah that would -- you on the bug up and out inside would not -- -- -- Arianna let -- -- we got -- so now we. I understand the -- -- segregated society was. And not testing ourselves -- His -- Lou England south but it is true throughout much of the country. -- -- -- This lovely ladies talked about how how on dignified and was how humiliating them lies and as a little girl in the city of new audience I could about my parents killed me but others didn't regularly. Move that was -- and I think on the street -- that he -- to move from seat to seat. And I am one side of the century white patrons only on the other side that said colored patrons only and a child couldn't move got into the back of the -- -- and -- place. An elderly African American. Coming home from work. So the child could have this seat. And really -- woman would have to stand up and go to the back mystery car that happened every day all day that was totally normal. It was it was the way the society was one of those images of the march on Washington was so strong was seeing. Black and white people drinking out of the same water fountain that didn't happen in Washington DC. -- pushed the iconic images of people cooling their feet in the reflecting time. Well again -- today that seems completely normal that at that point that was very different and very different. -- -- -- -- The notion that -- it really gives even added emphasis. To -- to his dignity because. African Americans who in the south were treated with such. Undignified. And except undignified ways and then responded dignity is really quite -- -- Diana witness to distinctive cookies high point you know it -- it's one thing to read about in the history. -- -- that I think you go back and look at the archive video and from reading the speech itself. But when you actually experience -- it's something completely different and I think the connection is probably that much stronger. When you didn't make it to the -- fifty years ago. It was Garrett was -- a sense of comfort did you feel a sense of out of camaraderie that that in fact that there was changed about to occur. Yeah absolutely I don't know. -- -- Yeah. The young -- I -- the -- visual. Outlawed discrimination. -- And our mind David -- then we weren't taught to act a certain way. Then there's absolutely separate entrances for the movies mantel in my history got a lot about it all day. My first of -- our constitution and second -- -- I felt Brady's. And we -- allowed and we got a lot of topics from our parents and Cromartie had motivated us thinkers that. No sooner began to work to big -- and they did it being fair is in our churches. And an -- me. Listed nano and our parents of course they allowed us to come to Washington so they weren't very -- and they were key. And so we want it. -- made their Kattengell initiate changes yeah. I didn't. When I was -- high blood on the bus -- -- -- -- Police stopped at a restaurant. -- That's about to come back -- -- that was really humiliated they called police on us we had to get back on the buzz of of the school trip. -- -- -- Because it would not -- it. The embattled government has so that's an example -- -- Unless we can't let us know it. On the other hand yes on the other hand I don't look at some amazing and wonderful years of the lineup and argues we had a great ball communities it was this mom -- segregated. And a black man here. We knew everyone everyone knew us they tell us they heard today assisted we want us. They would give us the rat organize a little moment. If -- if there are -- travel along the central. Oh or you know -- have been the candidate of people that cared about some new euros million fans of the volunteer to back.

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{"id":20095324,"title":"Marchers Head Back to D.C. for 'Overwhelming' Experience","duration":"7:39","description":"Freedom marcher Dianna Watson Ezell recalls racial injustice on ride in to hear MLK Jr. 's 1963 speech.","url":"/US/video/marchers-head-back-dc-overwhelming-experience-20095324","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}