Former Marine Loses $50K Leg in Robbery

Juan Hernandez's trip to a California theme park cost him his truck and prosthetic leg.
2:00 | 06/21/13

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Transcript for Former Marine Loses $50K Leg in Robbery
Juan Hernandez tries to stay strong for his family but admits it's not easy. The 53 year old now forced to use a wheelchair after someone stole his prosthetic -- my -- had stopped. Because like that. Being cripple again Hernandez his wife and grandchildren spent the day at knotts Berry apartment where a park may twenty sex. When they returned to the parking lot -- 2007. Chevy Silverado -- gone. In the backseat was his artificial lake he was using a wheelchair role in the theme park -- all. Eighteen religious -- but they -- and it was too thinly. The lake valued at as much as 50000 dollars custom fitted to Hernandez a gift last year. After his story aired on America's Most Wanted to said at a resident nearly killed Thanksgiving twenty tent. When he tried to intervene in a fight as his sons tried to stop tankers in their neighborhood. Police allege Jose Peru today a 24 year old gang member got it was Ford Bronco and ran over Hernandez. He had -- who. Remorse after he ran over victim he got stuck. On the wall he kept driving back and forth back and forth. Are victims extremely lucky to be alive. Police continue to search for Peru -- investigators suspect he may also local by the name Luis after a lot. He may travel between Mexicali and orange county and may be slimmer than what he looks like in these photos. I tried -- more borrowing by alive -- that Kim. Think about that one day because -- -- -- back at the presence means that former marine says he was getting his life back had started going to the gym and was able to help out with every day chores before this latest tragedy. But what my leg I felt like I was almost a 100%. Whoever did it -- have a hard he needs his -- You know we're one seeing things is to -- -- it.

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{"id":19456554,"title":"Former Marine Loses $50K Leg in Robbery","duration":"2:00","description":"Juan Hernandez's trip to a California theme park cost him his truck and prosthetic leg.","url":"/US/video/marine-loses-50k-leg-in-robbery-19456554","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}