Marine Veteran Guards Tennessee Elementary School

Jordan Pritchard dusted off his uniform for his daughter and her classmates.
1:56 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for Marine Veteran Guards Tennessee Elementary School
There's no amount of money they can replace. Comments in the -- Jordan Pritchard presents -- gallery elementary school has been a source of comfort for parents it brings interior arrive -- in lieu of everything that's going on. Someone's got out either way it is something special craft over the weekend the former Marines daughter told her daddy she was scared to return to school because the shooting in Connecticut and doesn't that often happen. I -- my -- come to school worried about. Some money coming in including Pritchard is currently unemployed and decided to spend his time volunteering to help his daughter feel safe in school so to settle in the -- her mind. Who better than her dad to come here and -- from the school Pritchard dusted off -- Marine Corps uniform has been standing garden from the school since Monday. This uniform represents more than then -- -- as a person. Me being out here may just be enough to stop somebody some misguided. Misled person from doing something crazy. And that that was my goal and today and to ease my daughter's mind. Gaining guarded the school is not only -- his daughter's mind it has been reassuring to other parents. -- that. That's symbolic uniform that represents protection is here -- our is is just heartwarming it's peaceful if they brought tears up my -- yesterday. It's a sense of comfort. To know that people will step up and take responsibility. In the community. To protect. Our youngest. David -- is a father an army veteran he noticed Pritchard standing guard in decided to join him a lot of people talk -- Shredding events happening Jordan's -- Motivated me. There's that little. Pritchard tells Nashville's news two many of his fellow parents are extremely thankful for his presence 95% of the cancer are crying -- -- come after in the tonight trying here. They're they're crying about something -- the office so so the offices reporting in Nashville Todd Dunn Nashville's news two.

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{"id":18025333,"title":"Marine Veteran Guards Tennessee Elementary School","duration":"1:56","description":"Jordan Pritchard dusted off his uniform for his daughter and her classmates.","url":"/US/video/marine-veteran-guards-tennessee-elementary-school-18025333","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}